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Where to watch the sopranos australia

Ah the Sopranos. The show that changed television forever. It’s been a while since it aired but that doesn’t mean you can’t still watch it. You just have to know where to look. If you’re in Australia you’re in luck – there are plenty of options for streaming the Sopranos.

Streaming Platforms

You can watch the Sopranos on a variety of streaming platforms. Here’s a breakdown of the different services and what they offer:

Platform Price Seasons Available
Foxtel Now $25/month 1-6
Stan $10/month 1-6
Amazon Prime Video $6.99/month 1-6
Google Play Movies & TV Varies 1-6

Where to watch the sopranos australia

DVD & Blu-Ray

Here in Australia we’re lucky enough to have a few different options for how to get our Sopranos fix. If you’re the ‘physical media type’ that loves to snuggle up on the couch with a box-set your dreams have been answered. The Sopranos is available to purchase in Australia on DVD and Blu-ray – making it the perfect choice as a Sunday night family viewing or group re-watch.

The DVD & Blu-ray versions are of course beautifully packaged in iconic Sopranos-style boxes and come jam-packed with extras that will have you poring over them for days. You can find the series box-sets available in most big retailers and movie stores as well as online. You’ll also find the Complete Series Box-Set which serves up all six seasons of The Sopranos in one conveniently-sized edition. Bring on the binge.

Network Television

Ah good old Network Television – the tried-and-true never-to-fail classic source of entertainment. Here in Australia you can now watch The Sopranos on the Nine Network. Binge the classic show or catch the new episodes it’s all available for your viewing pleasure. You can even tune in from your couch swaddled in comfort and surrounded by mouth-watering snacks or grab a relaxing seat in front of the telly. However you choose to watch Network Television has got you covered.

Take note though – The Sopranos isn’t the only show on Nine Network. Catch up with Australian networks for all the latest and greatest news and entertainment from reality competitions to lifestyle series’ to award-winning dramedies. Keep up with the lives and loves of your favourite characters and discover new ones along the way. So set your calendar – it’s time to get your Nine Network on!

Bootlegged Copies

So you’re searching high and low for access to the show that made Tony Soprano a household name – only to find out it isn’t available to watch in Australia. Well you’re not completely out of luck if you’re not afraid to break the law. Technology has provided us with a few other ways to watch ‘The Sopranos’ ones that include seeking out bootlegged copies.

But be warned – this is a risky endeavor. Sure the 5 seasons of ‘The Sopranos’ sound like an enticing thought but will an unauthorized illegal copy of the show be worth the hassle that might come with it? If forged goods are your thing there are a few “black market” spots to seek out the show but you’ll have to take the risk of seeing how- and if! – it plays out. We don’t recommend this. It goes without saying – but best to go get a copy from a legal source.

Oh and don’t forget – if you do manage to find a bootlegged copy turn off the automatic updates on your computer so the authorities don’t get any funny ideas. And that’s the “unofficial” way of watching The Sopranos Down Under!

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