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Where to watch luther australia

Ahhh Luther Australia the show that has us all glued to our screens week after week. It’s a show that’s full of suspense intrigue and a whole lot of drama! But if you’re looking to catch up on the latest episodes where can you watch it? Well you’re in luck because we’ve got all the info you need right here.

Popular Online Streaming Companies

If you’re looking to watch Luther Australia online there are a few good options available. Here are some of the most popular streaming companies:

Company Cost Availability
Netflix $8.99/month Available in Australia
Stan $10/month Available in Australia
Amazon Prime Video $6.99/month Available in Australia

Where to watch luther australia

Television Broadcasts

When looking to watch Luther Australia the easiest way is to tune in to your trusty boob tube. Not only is television the most accessible option it’s also the classic way to indulge in the latest police drama. No matter which network you choose the chances are you’ll get the crime-solving fix you need.

Let’s look at the main networks (in Oz) who run Luther Australia. Channel Seven’s on a winning streak – they show all five seasons plus the feature length special ‘The Calling’. They fit it all in around the cricket so you can be sure to catch them during the summer months.

The ABC also does a fantastic job with Luther airing all five seasons plus the movie. And you never have to wait too long in between episodes since they tend to stream one after the other – winning.

Watching it on Foxtel can be a bit pricier but you can also get the entire package Season 1 through to 5 plus the movie. Plus you might get the added bonus of a bit of bonus content.

Of course people also like to watch Luther Australia on streaming services such as Stan and Hayu. And don’t forget you can always borrow it form the library or buy the DVD box set.

Whatever way you choose to watch it we’re sure that Luther Australia will provide thrills chills and plenty of entertainment. Enjoy!

Cinema Screenings-

If you’re dying to see Luther Australia on the big screen then your loved-ones can don the cap of cupid so they can celebrate your desperate search for a cinema venue. Unfortunately if you live in an area that doesn’t have the screening venue of your dreams you’ll simply have to do an “armchair” viewing to ensure that you don’t miss out any of the action!

That said if you do manage to find one then it’ll be a great opportunity to yell obscenities at Luther as he gradually works his way through one mind-boggling case after another. Whether you choose to watch at a multiplex or a quaint indie-cinema house every viewing of Luther Australia will be an thrilling adventure that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

Home Video Releases

Are you looking for a way to re-live the three epic seasons of Luther Australia time and time again? Then home video releases might be the perfect way for you! They’re the most convenient and exciting way for you to get your Luther fix anytime and anywhere you want. With Blu-ray and DVD releases and digital downloads Luther Australia fanatics can enjoy the series in top-notch quality from the comforts of home.

Unfortunately it’s not so easy to find a home video release of Luther Australia. You’d have to be an absolute detective to track down the physical copies at a nearby store. However if you invest the time you’ll be able to get yourself a copy in no time at all.

If on the other hand you don’t want to or can’t go on the hunt to find a physical copy there are still plenty of other ways to buy and watch Luther Australia. You could buy a digital copy of the series from services like iTunes and PlayStation. Or why not save time by signing up to a streaming service like Netflix Disney+ or Prime Video and enjoy Luther from the comfort of your sofa?

Whatever route you take be sure that it’s the best one for you. After all true fans only deserve the best. And the best way to watch Luther in all its glory is to get your hands on it!

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