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Scandinavian Dining Chairs Australia

Scandinavian dining chairs make a wonderful addition to any dining room. The simple, sleek, and minimalistic elements of Scandinavian design can add comfort and sophistication to your dining room.

best scandinavian chairs Australia

Of course, they are not all the same in terms of design quality and build.

To make this decision easier, go through the list below. For the best options available, consider these models:

Scandinavian Dining Chairs Australia
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Ovela Leerdam
Ovela Leerdam
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Ovela Elise Velvet
Ovela Elise Velvet
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For a gorgeous dining room or kitchen, you need to be able to select the most stylish and durable designs on the market.

1. Shangri-La French Provincial Fleur Dining Chairs

If you are looking for dining chairs that are equal parts sophisticated and comfortable, this range should satisfy you. With the sophisticated tufted button design, these chairs impart a natural elegance. The royal grey hue of the fabric is a neutral shade that works well with a wide variety of color schemes.

The clean lines of the wooden frame and the plushness of the seat balance each other out. As a result, these dining chairs will match virtually any interior design that you have in place.

In addition to having a plush, padded seat, these chairs also offer optimal support, helping you to comfortably sit upright at the table. The high back makes these chairs suitable for individuals of varying heights and physiques.


  • Wooden Frame
  • Linen Style Fabric Seat Cover
  • Anti-Slip and Scratch Floor Protectors

2. Ovela Leerdam Dining Chairs

These dining chairs are the perfect fit for any modern home. The chairs boast a distinctly Scandinavian look that attracts the eye from the moment that you walk into the room. In particular, you will enjoy the clean, simple, yet elegant lines of these chairs.

One of the more notable features of this chair is its perforated backrest. It is unusual enough to add interest to the chair and the room without overpowering its aesthetic appeal. The sleek legs complete the look.

Despite its delicate design, these chairs are quite sturdy. They can hold up to 150kg in weight, making them suitable for any family. What’s more, the structure and quality of the chairs also ensure that these will last you for quite a while, making them a worthy investment.


  • Metal Frame
  • Polypropylene Seat
  • Perforated backrest

3. Ovela Elise Dining Chairs

With these Ovela Elise Dining chairs, luxury meets sophistication and comfort. On the surface, these are just stylish dining chairs. The plush, charcoal chairs are the very definition of elegance, adding a simple and smoky effect to the room. The lighter material of the legs gently complements the moodier seating.

However, if you were to take a closer look, you would realize that the chairs are also specifically built for your health. The ergonomic back support provides you with the optimal seating position. You can sit on these chairs for hours and continue to be comfortable. The lumbar cutout further adds to the comfort and safety of these chairs.

They aren’t just pretty to look at, though – the chairs are very sturdy. Each one is capable of holding up to 100kg in weight!


  • Metal Frame with Wooden Transfer
  • Velvet Seat
  • Anti-Slip and Scratch Floor Protectors

4. Shangri-La Anja Dining Chairs

There is quite a bit to enjoy about these dining chairs. However, their most notable features are their ability to be stylish and practical all at the same time. The neutral shades and simple lines ensure that these chairs will be right at home in your dining room, regardless of the surrounding décor.

The chairs are also equal parts modern yet classic, ensuring that the different features merge to complement one another. The solid Toona wooden frame provides structure, strength, and durability, making this a permanent and long-standing part of your furniture.

The chairs are more than just stable, however. They have been built to perfectly suit your body, with the seat and backrest conforming to the contours of your body. This makes the chairs impossibly comfortable.


  • Toona Wooden Frame
  • PVC Seat
  • Anti-Slip Felt Protectors

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5. Shangri-La Emerson Dining Chairs

These chairs are just the right mix of rustic and contemporary. The gorgeous tan PU leather seat boasts notes of comfort and earthiness while the solid metal frame balances it out with simplicity and durability. All in all, these are some memorable yet sophisticated chairs.

While the features of these chairs do make them immediately noticeable, they also blend in well with their surroundings. This is thanks to the neutral tones of the seat. They are accommodating of all themes and color schemes. You will not have to try hard to make these dining chairs fit into your existing interior style.

Don’t let these chairs fool you, though. Despite their stylish structure, they are quite strong and sturdy as well. They are capable of holding up to 130kg in weight.


  • Powder Coated Metal Frame
  • PU Leather Seat and Backrest
  • 130kg Weight Capacity

6. Ovela Kyran Dining Chairs

It is easy to mistake these dining chairs for a high-end designer model. The high back, gorgeous grey seat, and clean lines are all reminiscent of elegance and luxury. Nevertheless, at this price point, anyone can snag these beautiful chairs.

Of course, the looks are just the beginning with these chairs. The seats are incredibly soft and comfortable, providing you with an exquisite dining experience. The high backs offer support and are suitable for individuals of a wide variety of heights.

You will also be pleasantly surprised to learn that the chairs are quite durable. The strong wooden legs are capable of holding up considerable weight. They have also been designed to offer up ultimate stability, making these chairs rather safe as well.


  • Rubberwood Frame
  • Foam and Fabric Seating
  • High backrest

7. Shangri-La Ester Dining Chairs

Are you bored by the same old dining chair styles? Then these chairs will certainly breathe new life into your dining room and home. The unique shape and style of the seat immediately jump out at you, showcasing some seriously structured style. These dining chairs are the epitome of chic.

The pale, wooden legs balance out the dark, moody seat, ensuring that this creates an aesthetically pleasing effect. These are the chairs you want in a complex yet contemporary home as they will fit right in.

If you imagine that these chairs are all about appearance, think again. They are also incredibly comfortable at the same time. The seat is properly cushioned, caressing all the contours of your body. Simultaneously it offers you plenty of support, making it easy for you to sit upright.


  • Wooden Frame
  • PP with PU Cushion
  • Maximum Weight Capacity 150kg

8. Shangri-La DSR Dining Chairs

Do you want to create an ultra-contemporary dining room? Then you need these chairs to complete the look. It is all sleek lines and modern design with this chair. The dark and brooding tones help define elegance even more. These chairs will look especially at home in a dining room that embodies minimalism.

Despite the simple design, there is no denying that this is a rather comfortable and cozy chair to rest in. The cushioned seat and the curved structure of the chair ensure that you will be well-supported throughout your meal.

Interestingly enough, the chairs are also incredibly durable as well. They are built from high-quality materials that have been designed to last for a longer period. The metal legs, in particular, have been designed to hold up to 150kg in weight.


  • Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • PP Seat
  • 150kg Weight Capacity

9. Ovela Brooke Dining Chairs

If you are all about those smooth, clean lines, then you will love the design of these dines chairs. They have a distinctly modern feel that is perfectly suited to minimalistic and contemporary home design. At the same time, there is an undeniable warming factor in these chairs.

The beige of these chairs is a subtle and unifying hue that works incredibly well surrounded by color or similarly muted shades. The eco-friendly wood plastic composite is perfectly at home in a modern and green household.

Although the frame may look like it is made of wood, it is metal with a wood print. The benefit of this is that the frame is strong and hardy – guaranteed to last you quite a while. If nothing else, these chairs are capable of hoisting up to 150kg in weight. Thus, you can be sure that they will last you for quite a while.


  • Metal Frame
  • Wood Plastic Composite Seat
  • Maximum Capacity of 150kg

Here are the most beautiful Scandinavian dining chairs. Adding any of these designs to your kitchen or dining room will automatically transform the space. You will be able to enhance the overall contemporary and minimalistic feel to your home. These chairs aren’t just gorgeous to look at, though. They are also comfortable and durable furniture pieces that will last long.