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Best Pressure Washer For Car Detailing

Best Pressure Washer For Car Detailing

If you’re looking for the best pressure washer for car detailing, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, we’ll be running through the best pressure washers in the game.  So keep reading.

PAXCESS Electric Pressure Washer

The Paxcess can be used for many things. This is due to its long hose. It can stretch up to 26 feet, allowing you to combat your vehicle’s muck from a distance. Its 33-foot power cord helps with this as well.

Its hose can push out water at extremely high pressure. This can be dangerous. Thankfully, you’re safeguarded. Paxcess offers a hose reel, getting rid of any kinks in the hose. The kinks can be dangerous when pressurized water shoots out.

It also helps with convenience. You don’t have to worry about the hose getting entangled as you can easily unwind it off its reel.

The water shot out is adjustable. The Paxcess comes with an adjustable nozzle, letting you shoot water the pressure you want.

To ensure you get the vehicle is as clean as possible, there is a soap tank. You can fill it with detergent, making the surface sparkle.

If you’re wondering what you can clean, there are many things. PAXCESS specifies that the pressure washer is great for cleaning bicycles, trucks and large automotives like RVs and ATVs, car detailing as well as motorbikes.

That’s not all:

Its 1800 watt motor can combat dirt from more surfaces. It produces water pressure of 2150 PSI, and is able to clean countless parts of your home. This includes decks, patios, sheds, and driveways as well. So, it’s functional not just as a detailing pressure washer.

You’ll be saving money with it by your side. It has a total stop system. This switches the pump off when the trigger is not engaged.

You may get annoyed by water leaking out of pressure washers. PAXCESS has taken a step to prevent this. They’ve done this by switching its wand out for a metal one.


  • TSS system saves power
  • Can clean many surfaces
  • 26-foot long hose
  • 33-foot long power cord
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Powerful motor
  • Metal wand that doesn’t leak


  • Sometimes, adjusting the nozzle can be hard
  • Water pressure is known to not be maintained

After cleaning the car, consider polishing it.

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Highsell Electric Pressure Washer

Its hose is long. You can take it with you up to 16 feet. Although lengthy, this isn’t the longest hose on this list. If you’re wondering about its power cord, it has a 32-foot long length.

It comes with a reel for the hose, combatting annoying kinks that can affect water pressure. This feature also keeps entanglement at bay.

The Highsell’s nozzle has 4 variations. You can adjust it to either 0, 15, 25 or 45 degrees. This helps with the toughest mobile detailing jobs as you can easily manipulate pressure.

As it shoots out water at a great speed, there has to be a safety measure in place. Thankfully, there is. There is a safety lock on the hose which helps if you have kids around.

Its hose has more safety features. Highsell has taken precautions, ensuring the hose’s lining is explosion-proof. Such bursts in water pressure could damage a car’s inside, so this is a good feature to have.

The pressure washer comes with an 1800 watt motor. This allows for water pressure of 3500 PSI. This is one of the strongest pressures exerted on this list, making it the best pressure washer for cars as well as the best pressure washer for car detailing.

If you’re wondering which surfaces you can clean, there are many. Highsell notes that its pressure washer is fit for everyday use. This includes driveways, car cleaning, sheds, terraces, and decks.

You can expect the machine to be energy sufficient as well. It comes with a TSS system. This prevents extra power being used, helping with utility bills.

If you have a problem with the model you’ve picked up, don’t worry. Highsell is known for its customer service so you’ll easily get your problem sorted.

All in all, this makes it the best electric pressure washer for cars. However, the PAXCESS has more features all around.


  • Explosion-proof inner layer
  • 3500 PSI water pressure produced
  • TSS system present
  • Hose can be safety locked
  • The manufacturer is known for great customer service


  • The hose can only reach 16 feet
  • There is no soap tank
  • Its pump can be finicky

I used this pressure washer after an oil change and it looks fantastic.

Sun Joe SPX3000 2030

The Sun Joe comes with an 1800 watt motor. This produces water pressure at 2030 PSI.  That being said, water is usually shot at 1450 PSI.

It also comes with a TSS. Because of this, you can save a lot of power. Although great, this feature is nothing to write home about as all 3 of our pressure washers have this feature.

You can expect an extended warranty when you purchase the Sun Joe. It comes with 2-year warranty by the manufacturer to sort any problems you may have. Along with the High sell, the brand it’s coming from is known for great customer service. So, you won’t have a negative experience dealing with Sun Joe.

What’s best about their warranty is that it’s no questions asked.

You can clean extra well with it at your disposal. The pressure washer has a detergent tank to fit any soap.  In terms of its  tank, there are 2 and they can easily be taken out of the washer.

In terms of what it can clean, Sun Joe has specified that it’s capable of an array of things. This includes decks, patios, a mobile car wash for large vehicles like RVs and trucks, auto detailing, walls, driveways, boats and lawn equipment.

Its hose also comes with a safety lock feature. This keeps accidents at bay.

If you’re wondering about its range, the pressure washer has a 20-foot long hose. Its power cord is 35 feet as well, allowing you to use it for many projects.


  • 2 0.9 L detergent tanks
  • 2 year, no questions asked warranty
  • The manufacturer is known to be friendly
  • Can clean a diverse selection of surfaces
  • Water pressure of 2030 PSI is at your disposal
  • TSS feature present
  • Hose can be safety locked


  • Some parts are not included in the box
  • It can feel cheap

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