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Mr. Beast Burger Australia

It is very difficult to escape the influence of Mr. Beast Burger. If you are a fan of the YouTuber or are active on social media, then you will have undoubtedly seen all the images and videos of these burgers.

In case you are craving a taste, you may be wondering if this outlet is available in Australia? Well, here are the answers that you seek!

Is Mr. Beast Burger in Australia?

Although Mr. Beast Burger does have kitchens in countries apart from the US such as Canada, the UK, and the UAE, these burgers are not currently available in any location around Australia – there don’t appear to be plans to open any outlets in the country either.

Isn’t Mr. Beast Burger Available in Melbourne?

If you have looked up Mr. Beast Burger locations, you may have found that both UberEats and Door Dash have an outlet in Melbourne.

However, if you were to take a closer look, you will discover that this is actually Melbourne, Florida. This is an easy mistake to make but Mr. Beast Burger doesn’t have any outlets within the country, at the moment.

Why Isn’t Mr. Beast Burger Available in Australia?

Mr. Beast Burger is primarily an American chain. As such, the owner was mostly concerned in opening up locations in numerous city across the many states of the US. Needless to say, this took some time and the company is still expanding.

As far as other countries go, Mr. Beast Burger is only offered in a few cities in Canada, the UK, and the UAE. Thus, as far as global expansion goes, the brand is expanding rather slowly. Therefore, it can take a while for any new locations to open up.

As in most cases, chain restaurants do take a while to open in Australia. This is because most brands tend to be focused on areas with large populations such as Europe or even Asia.

It is also unclear as to how much demand for Mr. Beast Burger there is in Australia. In US, the YouTuber owner is quite a sensation, allowing the burgers and the outlets to go viral. The idea may not be as popular in Australia.

The very nature of Mr. Beast Burger may also be hindering its introduction in Australia. This is because the company works out of existing kitchens, only allowing for delivery and pick up. Given the sheer size of Australia, this business structure may not work out as well in this region.

Will Mr. Beast Burger Open in Australia Soon?

At the moment, there is no news regarding whether or not a Mr. Beast Burger outlet will be opened anywhere in Australia. As such, it appears that you may not get to enjoy this burger here for some time.

That being said, it is still possible that plans may be underway for opening a restaurant here. If the brand continues to grow in popularity and if there is an increase in interest in Australia, the company may feel that it is worth their while to open up a branch.

If this is the case, you should be aware that only one or a few of these outlets will open. They will also only be available in major cities. If these are a success, then it is possible that more may open with time.

Will the Menu Items Be the Same in Australia?

Naturally, there is no way to know this for sure until an outlet actually opened in Australia. However, if you were to consider the other international locations, it would appear that the menu items are pretty standard.

Part of the allure of the Mr. Beast Burger franchise that they offer specific products to customers. Thus, it is the guarantee of tasting famous burgers that keep most of the clients continuing to trickle in.

Of course, this would depend on whether certain ingredients could be sourced in Australia. If this isn’t possible, then certain local substitutes would need to be made.

Can You Buy Mr. Beast Burger in Australia?

At the moment, Mr. Beast Burger is not available in Australia although it is available in other international locations outside of the USA – it also appears that there are no current preparations to open an outlet either, although these plans may change.

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