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KFC Bucket Hunt Not Working

The KFC Bucket Hunt has lots of prizes and rewards so if you are a lover of fried chicken, then you are going to want to get as much use out of the app as possible. Thus, if it is not working, it is easy to feel frustrated or let down.

Not to worry, though, as there are several tactics here that may help you out:

Why is the KFC Bucket Hunt App Not Working?

The main reason for KFC bucket hunt not working is probably an issue with the app itself – it could also be because your phone is incompatible with the app or you are in an area where there are limited KFC outlets.

What are the Most Common KFC Bucket Hunt Issues?

There do appear to be quite a few issues with this app. Users are reporting several errors or problems.

One of the most common problems reported is an error message after spinning the KFC buckets. In some cases, this can happen every time that you try to use the app. You may also find that the bucket disappears after your spin so that you can redo it.

The other issue is that some individuals aren’t finding buckets at all. In some instances, this happens even when they are in an area with several KFC outlets.

In some cases, users are informed that their location data hasn’t been enabled. However, when they do enable it, they are taken to the starting point of the app and have to start all over again.

Can You Solve These Issues?

This all depends on what is causing the issue. If it is a bug with the app, then nothing that you do will improve it. At best, you can report it to the KFC app managers or make a complaint to the company directly.

If it is a temporary problem or a glitch, then there are a few measures that you can try. In case it is an issue with your smartphone, then there are also maybe a few tricks to consider.

How to Fix the KFC Bucket Hunt App Issues?

If you are receiving an error message after spinning a bucket, all hope may not be lost. Go ahead and check your stash first. Despite the error message, you may find that you have still received the rewards.

If you continue to have this problem, you should delete the app and then download this again. It is possible that the errors may disappear.

Before you download the app again, check the required specifications. Then, check your phone specs to discover if they match up. If your phone can’t support the app then it may not function properly even if there isn’t anything wrong with the app.

Before you restart the app, you should also check that your location data is turned on. Check that the other elements required by the app are also being met.

If you can’t seem to find any buckets in your area, despite there being several KFC outlets in the area, you may need to get closer. Open up the app when you are really close to an outlet to see if this will work. You may also want to try it when you are actually in an outlet as well.

What are Other Options You Can Try?

You can try to open up the app on someone else’s phone. This will give you a better idea of whether the issue is with your phone or your app. If it does work on another make or model, then it may mean that you can’t use it on your phone.

You may also want to get in touch with the app creators directly. If this is a bug, they can sort it out for you. They will also let you know when it is fixed so that you can try downloading the app again and giving it another spin.

Why is the KFC Bucket Hunt App Not Functional?

The problem may be with the app itself or it could be a temporary glitch that will work itself out after some time – you can look at your phone specs and app guidelines to determine if there is a mismatch in technology.

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