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Is prime video available in australia

For many Australians streaming services are becoming a popular way to watch their favorite shows and movies. But with so many different streaming services available it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. One of the most popular streaming services is Prime Video but is it available in Australia?

Availability of Prime Video in Australia

Fortunately Prime Video is available in Australia. Prime Video is an Amazon-owned streaming service that offers a wide selection of movies TV shows documentaries and more. It is available on a variety of devices including smart TVs gaming consoles and mobile devices. The service also offers a free trial period so you can test it out before committing to a subscription.

In Australia Prime Video is available in two different packages: Prime Video Standalone and Prime Video with Prime Membership. The Prime Video Standalone package offers access to all Prime Video content for a monthly fee of $6.99. The Prime Video with Prime Membership package offers access to Prime Video content as well as other benefits such as free shipping on Amazon purchases and access to Amazon Music for a monthly fee of $9.99.

Package Price Features
Prime Video Standalone $6.99/month Access to Prime Video content
Prime Video with Prime Membership $9.99/month Access to Prime Video content free shipping on Amazon purchases access to Amazon Music

Is prime video available in australia

Cost of Subscription for Australian Customers

Subscribing to Amazon Prime Video in Australia is similar to other services – it costs $4.99 AUD per month for current Prime members. This makes it very competitive for streaming television content compared to local competitors such as Foxtel or Netflix. Additionally if you don’t have an existing Prime subscription you can choose from an array of different plans that start from $14.99 AUD per month.

Australian viewers also benefit from additional features such as the ability to watch films and television shows offline access to international content and the ability to share screens with up to six user accounts. This means that Amazon Prime Video works well for families looking to watch different types of content on different devices.

Amazon also offers a 30-day trial so that users can make sure they are satisfied with the service before they commit to paying a subscription fee. This is especially useful as Australian viewers may not find the same range of content compared to other countries. However you are still likely to find an extensive library of films and television shows to enjoy.

Content Offered On Prime Video in Australia

Indeed Prime Video is available in Australia. Subscribers can access a vast library of content ranging from classic films to current television shows as well as new and original content exclusively available through Prime Video. All in all Prime Video offers an impressive selection of titles that provide hours of entertainment and are popular with Australians.

Unsurprisingly Prime Video offers an abundance of iconic and classic films from all decades. Customers can find a diverse array of titles from classic campy musicals to groundbreaking science fiction movies to more contemporary blockbusters. Whether you want to revisit a nostalgic favorite or want to experience a film for the first time Prime Video has something for everyone.

On top of the impressive selection of classic films Prime Video also offers a large selection of current TV shows for streaming. Pick your favorite sitcoms dramas or reality shows right from the comfort of your own home. What’s more customers can also stream episode-length documentaries mini-series and even popular anime series.

In addition to the impressive selection of films and TV shows customers in Australia can enjoy a number of original titles and programming unique to Prime Video. Amazon Prime offers an impressive slate of original films documentaries and TV shows that can’t be found on any other streaming service. Watch comedy specials and gripping dramas or catch a glimpse of the latest trending series. Prime Video even offers a range of children’s programming and educational content.

Other Considerations for Watching Prime Video in Australia

Ultimately Prime Video is available in Australia and can be accessed through the Prime Video app. Costing AU$6.99 per month for access to Prime Video users can stream movies TV shows documentaries and other content. This can be paid for via a monthly subscription fee or an annual plan of AU$59 for the year.

However there are some other key factors to bear in mind when deciding whether to sign up. Firstly the content available on Prime Video in Australia is far smaller compared to that available in the US. Although Amazon regularly adds new content there is still the potential for users to have much less choice.

Secondly the Australian version of Prime Video is expected to be behind the US version meaning that if a new episode or movie is released in the US it could take a few weeks for it to be available in Australia. This can result in a longer wait for the latest seasons of popular shows and the most recent movies.

Finally it may be that not all Amazon shows and movies can be viewed on Prime Video in Australia. This will likely depend on where the content was produced and whether it was produced with the specific purpose of being released on Prime Video. Again this will reduce the amount of content that is available to Australian users.

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