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Is paramount+ available in australia

The streaming wars have been raging for some time now and Australians are looking for the best way to access the latest content. With the recent launch of Paramount+ it is no surprise that many are wondering if this service is available in Australia.

Overview of Paramount+

Paramount+ is a streaming service created by ViacomCBS the parent company of CBS MTV Nickelodeon and more. It offers a wide range of content from classic films to the latest TV series. It also has a library of exclusive original content such as the Star Trek and Mission Impossible franchises.

The service is available in the US and Canada but Australians are still waiting for the official launch. However there are a few options for accessing Paramount+ in Australia. One option is to use a VPN service to access the US version of the service. Another option is to use a third-party streaming service that offers access to Paramount+.

Option Accessibility
VPN Service Access the US version of the service
Third-party streaming service Access to Paramount+

Is paramount+ available in australia

Availability of Paramount+ in Australia

Globally Paramount+ has emerged as a major streaming service with its selection of TV shows movies and live sports coverage. Since its launch the demand has been high among streamers in Australia who have been curious to find out whether the streaming service is available in their country.

Fortunately the wait is over – Paramount+ is available in Australia with access granted to subscribers on a variety of platforms. Subscribers can use Paramount+ on iOS or Android phones and tablets via their Apple TV with the Apple TV app or through the web. Additionally they can access the streaming service through the Apple TV 4K and via Chromecast from mobile devices and Chrome on a laptop or desktop.

Australian subscribers are able to access a full selection of Paramount+ content which features a stunning range of original shows classic films news sports and more. Subscribers can watch live sports events such as NFL games Formula 1 NCAA Basketball and NCAA Football. They can also access a library of thousands of TV episodes and films. Furthermore Paramount+ subscribers can keep up with the latest news and current events on the platform.

In short the answer is a resounding yes – Paramount+ is available in Australia. Subscribers in the country can access thousands of movies TV shows and sports events ensuring that they are never short of options when scrolling through Paramount+’s library.

Cost of Paramount+ in Australia

The cost of Paramount+ in Australia is determined on a tier-based model. Each tier offers different levels of access and functionality with a noticeable increase in the cost structure. The basic tier is priced at AU$8.99 per month while the premium tier runs a considerable amount more at AU$14.99 per month. The premium tier includes exclusive access to a large range of exclusive content plus the ability to watch on two devices simultaneously.

For those looking for further access to the premium tier can purchase an annual subscription enticing users with a significantly reduced cost. The annual premium subscription costs AU$99.99 reducing the monthly cost to AU$8.33. This subscription also offers access to 4K Ultra HD video quality Dolby Atmos surround sound and a free 30-day trial period to trial the service before committing.

Also included with a Paramount+ subscription is the ability to download content to watch offline. This feature is available with both tiers making it very affordable and accessible to customers wanting to download some light entertainment to watch during their travels.

Summary of Paramount+ in Australia

Ultimately Paramount+ is currently available in Australia. The streaming service launched in the country in April as part of a global expansion by parent company ViacomCBS. Subscribers in Australia can access Paramount+ for a monthly subscription fee of AU$7.99 with the option to upgrade to a range of premium packages.

In terms of content the Australian version of Paramount+ features a wide range of offerings including original series classic television programmes and blockbuster films. Popular titles include The Godfather The Sopranos Mission: Impossible and more. Live streams of sporting events such as NFL and NCAA basketball games are also available.

Moreover Paramount+ also offers a range of exclusive content in Australia. For example subscribers can benefit from ad-free streaming of Paramount+ originals including series like Star Trek: Discovery Yellowstone and The Good Fight as well as documentaries stand-up comedy specials and more.

In addition Paramount+ users in Australia can also access an array of third-party content including shows from the CBS library BBC All3 Media ABC and other global broadcasters. Subscribers can also access a select library of movies from the Paramount Pictures catalog.

Finally the streaming service is also available on a range of popular devices such as Apple TV Chromecast and select Samsung Smart TVs. It is also available on the Paramount+ website as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

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