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Is hulu available in australia

Are you an Australian who is looking for an alternative to the traditional cable TV packages? Do you want to have access to a wide variety of streaming services without having to pay for a large expensive bundle? If so you may be wondering if Hulu is available in Australia.

Overview of Hulu

Hulu is a streaming service that offers on-demand access to a wide variety of TV shows movies and documentaries. It has a large library of content and is available in the U.S. Canada and Japan. Unfortunately Hulu is not currently available in Australia. However there are some alternatives that Australians can use to access the same content.

Pros Cons
Access to a wide variety of content Not available in Australia
Affordable subscription plans Not as many features as other streaming services

Is hulu available in australia

Availability of Hulu in Australia

Unfortunately Hulu is not currently available in Australia. Many Australian users have been left disappointed by the lack of access to Hulu’s expansive library of content. Despite increasing demand for access to Hulu the streaming service is still only available in the United States Puerto Rico and Japan.

However there are still ways to access Hulu in Australia. By using a VPN Australian users can trick the streaming service into thinking they are in the US allowing them to access Hulu’s full catalogue. While this may sound complicated it is actually very simple. With just a few clicks of a button anyone in Australia can access Hulu content.

Despite the availability of VPNs there are still potential downsides for Australian users. Chief among the potential issues is the lack of customer support for Hulu in Australia. This means that any technical issues encountered by Australian users are harder to resolve and may require extra steps. Additionally streaming speed can sometimes be affected by distance making it challenging to watch HD content from overseas.

The table below summarises the pros and cons of accessing Hulu in Australia:

Pros Cons
Ability to access Hulu’s expansive library of content No technical support for Hulu in Australia
Simple to access with a VPN Streaming speed can be impaired by distance

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Regrettably Australia still does not have access to Hulu as of yet. However fans of the streaming service can take comfort in the fact that there are several substitutes that can be used instead. Let’s examine some of the advantages and disadvantages of transitioning from Hulu to an available alternative.

On the plus side streaming services like Netflix Stan and Amazon Prime Video offer a wide selection of content from both Australia and the United States. By having access to the library of Australia viewers can watch some of their favourite TV shows or movie series for free with the added bonus of being able to stream at higher bitrates than what are available on services like Hulu. This means that viewers will have access to higher quality video streaming especially on devices with higher resolution displays.

On the other hand while streaming services like Netflix are available in most countries Hulu is primarily found in the United States and Japan only. This means that many of the exclusive titles and content offerings that are available on Hulu are not available in Australia. Additionally streaming services that are available in Australia may not have the same extensive library of movies and TV shows available in the US meaning viewers could miss out on some of their favourite programs and movies.

Advantages Disadvantages
Access to a wide selection of content from both Australia and the US as well as higher bitrates in video streaming. Hulu is primarily only available in the US and Japan missing out on exclusive titles and content.
Streaming services available in Australia may not have the same extensive library of movies and TV shows available in the US.

To summarize while Hulu is not yet available in Australia viewers can take solace in the fact that there are a number of other streaming services available and they can take advantage of their library of content. Additionally when it comes to video quality viewers may even experience an advantage in quality due to the increased bitrates available. However it is important to note that there is the possibility of missing out on titles programmes and movies exclusive to Hulu.

Other Alternatives in Australia

Fortunately there are a few other options available to Australians who are looking for an alternative to Hulu. One of these options is TVNZ On Demand which is available in New Zealand. This service provides both free and paid access to a variety of popular TV shows and movies.

Another TV streaming service option is SBS on Demand. This is an Australian service and offers an extensive selection of films documentaries and series. It’s worth noting that SBS does not require a payment to access its library of content.

The last streaming option for Australians is 9Now which is a combination of 9 Network channels such as 9Gem and 9Go. This service also offers a wide selection of movies and TV shows as well as live TV streams.

Pros Cons
Variety of content: 8 different streaming services including both free and paid content. Limited selection to some providers: TVNZ is only available in New Zealand and SBS has limited access to their library so re-runs may be common.
Access to Movies &TV Shows: 9Now offers both movies and TV shows. Geolocation Restrictions: Some content may be blocked depending on location.

In conclusion while Hulu is not available in Australia there are still a few options for those who are looking for alternative streaming services. Although there are some limitations many Australians will find that these streaming services are a great way to access the content they are looking for.

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