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Is disney+ available in australia

The entertainment industry has undergone a seismic shift in recent times with streaming services becoming increasingly popular. With the launch of Disney+ in November 2019 the streaming wars have become even more intense leaving many Australians wondering – is Disney+ available in Australia?

What is Disney+?

Disney+ is the new streaming service from The Walt Disney Company offering a vast library of content from Disney Pixar Marvel Star Wars National Geographic and more. It includes exclusive new releases as well as classic favourites and a range of original content.

Is Disney+ Available in Australia?

Yes Disney+ is available in Australia and can be accessed through a range of devices. The service is available for a monthly subscription fee of $8.99 or an annual subscription fee of $89.99.

Subscription Type Price
Monthly $8.99
Annual $89.99

Is disney+ available in australia

Availability and Launch Date of Disney+ in Australia

Undeniably Australians have been long awaiting the launch of Disney+ in their nation. Fortunately the wait is no longer as the iconic streaming service is available now in Australia after an official launch in November 2019. Subscribers can watch an array of films and series themed around the Disney and Star Wars universes as well as shows from National Geographic and Marvel along with much more.

In a joint statement between Disney Australia and New Zealand and Foxtel the streaming service was revealed to be pre-loaded with seven varying subscription packs. These include the core offer of Disney+ a Disney+ Kids pack and an array of sports entertainment and movie packs from Foxtel. This allows subscribers to customise their personalised streaming experience in a way that works for them. The core Disney+ pack gives access to a huge library of films for adults and children as well as the critically acclaimed series The Mandalorian.

Disney+ is available through Google Play and Apple TV for those with a compatible device or alternatively can be ordered directly from Disney itself. Customers that already have a Foxtel Entertainment pack will have access to the streaming service at no extra cost making it an accessible option for millions of Australians. For those without internet or a compatible device Disney+ has also partnered with Telstra offering a combination of both streaming services in one package.

The official launch of Disney+ in Australia follows a successful launch in the U.S. UK and Canada amongst several other nations and comes in a year that saw many new streaming services emerge on the market. With such an array of streaming services it can be hard for Australians to decide which option works best for them. Disney+ offers a huge range of content as well as the flexibility to tailor what is watched and in turn could take Australia by storm.

To conclude no longer do Australians need to await the launch of Disney+. It is now available across multiple platforms and subscription packages allowing Australians to enjoy the iconic streaming service right at their fingertips.

Streamable Content on Disney+ in Australia

Indeed Disney+ is available in Australia. The streaming service launched on November 19th and promises to bring much of Disney’s vast catalogue of films and TV shows to the nation. The subscription-only service delivers movies and TV shows from Disney’s global library as well as its live-action catalogue and its wide selection of Disney-branded products.

The Disney+ Australia library is brimming with classic cartoon favourites such as The Lion King Tangled and Coco as well as new original series like the upcoming The Mandalorian. Plus Disney+ subscribers in Australia can enjoy original documentaries such as those not available anywhere else. It also features exclusive content from some of Australia’s favourite streaming providers such as Stan and Foxtel.

In addition to its extensive library Disney+ also offers access to a wide variety of exclusive channels collections and brands. These include National Geographic and Pixar which offer subscribers access to a range of documentaries comedy and action. There are also channels exclusively for kids such as Disney Junior and Disney XD and for family-friendly movies Disney Movies Anywhere.

Disney+ subscribers in Australia can also access content from Disney’s large collection of partners and international channels such as ABC and ESPN from the US National Geographic from the UK and China’s Tencent Video. There’s also a growing list of international rights holders such as Japan’s NHK and Italy’s RAI as well as South Korean broadcasters KBS and SBS.

With such a vast selection of content Disney+ subscribers in Australia are sure to have plenty to keep them entertained.

Cost of Disney+ in Australia

In Australia Disney+ is available from a subscription rate of $8.99 per month or $89.99 for an annual plan. This price is competitively competitive given the wealth of content included in a subscription. It is estimated that the service has more than 7500 movies and 350 TV series including exclusive content like The Mandalorian and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. New titles are regularly added to the streaming library making it worth the cost.

Disney+ also offers some discounts such as saving 20% on a three-month subscription or a free trial period of one week. Additionally it is easy to add additional screens or users with a 50% discount available for any new users that join. This makes it perfect for families who want to access all the content that Disney has to offer.

Further value for money can be found in the bundle packages available. For example access to both Hulu ESPN+ and Disney+ all for $12.99 per month. All of the content from each service can be accessed from the same account. This bundle is a great option for households that love to be entertained from a range of services.

Disney+ is now widely available in Australia and subscriptions are more accessible than ever. Whether you’re a regular movie-goer or a family who wants to access the entire Disney library there is a plan to suit your budget.

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