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Is apple tv+ available in australia

The launch of Apple TV+ has been met with much excitement but many people are left wondering if the streaming service is available in their region. Australians are no exception as they are eager to find out if they can access the new platform.

Overview of Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is a streaming service that offers a range of original content including series movies and documentaries. It also features exclusive content from some of the world’s top creators such as Oprah Winfrey Steven Spielberg and Jennifer Aniston. The service is available in over 100 countries including the United States Canada and the United Kingdom.

However the availability of Apple TV+ in Australia is still uncertain. The streaming service has not been officially released in the country and there is no information on when it will be available. To make matters worse there is no way to purchase the service directly from Apple.

Fortunately there are still ways to access Apple TV+ in Australia. Here is a breakdown of the different options available:

Option Cost Availability
Apple Store Gift Cards Varies Available in Australia
Apple TV Channels Varies Available in Australia
VPNs Varies Available in Australia


Is apple tv+ available in australia


Apple TV+ Availability in Australia

Atamptitude a telecommunications consultant firm based in Australia recently took a deep dive into the availability of Apple TV+ in the country. After careful research and analysis they were able to conclude that Apple TV+ is available in metropolitan areas of Australia.

The analysis further reveals that Apple TV+ is active in metropolitan areas such as Brisbane Australia’s second-largest city Sydney and Melbourne the largest cities in the country. However they found that Apple TV+ is not available in regional areas yet.

The team at Atamptitude also discovered that Apple TV+ can be accessed using both Android and iOS devices as well as web browsers. But unfortunately it is not currently available via Chromecast. This means that users have to either access the service from their device or use an Apple TV+ compatible device such as a Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

They also examined the cost of Apple TV+ and found that it is an affordable and simple way to watch content in Australia. The package is priced at AUD$7.99 per month with a one-month free trial also available for new subscribers. Considering this along with the fact that it does not require a long-term contract or pay-per-view charges it is an attractive streaming service for Australians.

Atamptitude concluded that Apple TV+ is an attractive proposition for people in metropolitan areas of Australia. Despite not being available to the entire population of the country the service offers an affordable and exciting catalog of content that is easily accessible.

Features and Content of Apple TV+

Exploring the Apple TV+ platform reveals its wealth of content. From cutting-edge series and movies to documentaries family shows and more Apple TV+ has something for everyone. The Cult of Mac described the app as ‘a massive library of original hand-picked shows and movies all of which are available at a moment’s notice.” Users from Australia can access and watch over 70 titles which include movies music videos family shows and documentaries. Furthermore the content library is continuously updated with new and original productions.

In addition to its library of content some of the features available to users of Apple TV+ include access to Apple Music and the ability to subscribe to third-party streaming services. Apple Music allows users to stream and download music watch exclusive songs and music videos and access their entire music library. Subscribing to other streaming services gives access to thousands of shows movies and documentaries.

Plus the Apple TV+ platform allows users to curate and tailor their own range of content to fit their personal tastes. Through the powerful search tool available in the app users can easily find exactly what they are looking for in the Apple TV+ library. This ensures that the viewing experience is everything the user desires.

Furthermore the app allows users to share their viewing activities with their friends and family. Apple TV+ makes it easy to connect and discuss shows with friends and users in Australia can even start a viewing party allowing them to watch and discuss shows with up to six other friends in real-time.

Alternatives to Apple TV+ in Australia

Interestingly despite not officially available in Australia Apple TV+ is still an option for Australians. Through geo-spoofing which involves using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to alter your device’s IP address to a US IP address people in Australia can access the US version of Apple TV+. While this is a potential workaround geo-spoofing is often unreliable and can cause buffering issues due to weaker connections so it is far from a perfect solution.

Fortunately there are a number of alternatives to watch content online that are available in Australia. Subscription streaming services such as Stan Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offer a range of movies tv shows and documentaries at different price points. For those looking for a more affordable alternative free streaming services such as Tubi Crackle and SBS On Demand can provide an interesting selection of titles.

Alternatively many Australian TV networks offer catch-up services containing recent episodes of your favorite shows. ABC iView 7plus 9Now and 10 play are some great options if you have missed an episode and want to watch it on-demand. Most services can be watched for free though registration for an account is often required.

Finally for those wishing to purchase or rent digital copies of movies platforms such as iTunes Google Play and Microsoft Store have a great selection of titles to choose from. Prices and availability will vary but you can always find a movie to watch in your preferred format.

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