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DHL Shipment on Hold Australia

Eagerly waiting for your DHL shipment in Australia only to discover that it has been put on hold? Don’t worry, you should be able to remedy the situation fairly easily.

Learn about the main causes of such a delay and how you can take steps to avoid it.

What Does Shipment on Hold Mean for DHL Australia?

Shipment on Hold for DHL Australia can have numerous meanings – this includes that there has been a change in the shipping route, a delay in the shipment, the shipment is being inspected, or there isn’t enough information about the sender or recipient.

Understanding the Shipment on Hold Term

The thing is, there are a lot of different reasons that you could be getting a Shipment on Hold message. For the most part, there isn’t anything to worry about.

One of the most common reasons that your shipment is on hold is because it has only arrived in Australia on a weekend. Most DHL outlets do not operate or deliver during the weekend, especially on a Sunday.

As such, if your package has arrived on the weekend, the Shipment on Hold is simply to let you know that processing and delivery will only take place on the following Monday.

You may be aware that your package rarely has a direct journey from one country to another. It often has to be removed from planes or ships in certain countries. When the package is waiting to be loaded into a new carrier to go to a separate destination, you will be informed that your shipment is currently on hold.

It is also possible that the package is taking a new shipping route due to changes in the schedule. If the regular carriers and routes are being affected by weather, a political situation, or other issues, then your package will be labelled as being on hold.

Can a Shipment on Hold Indicate Missing Recipient Information?

It is possible that your Shipment on Hold message is due to the fact that you can’t be reached. It may be that your address or phone number aren’t legible.

It could be that DHL Australia attempted to contact you but failed to reach you. In this instance, the package would be placed on hold and would not be delivered until the recipient details could be guaranteed.

Does Shipment on Hold Mean Your Package Has Been Seized?

In rare cases, your shipment may have been seized by Customs or some other government agency. This may happen if there isn’t enough information on the sender. Customs may then be concerned about the contents of the package.

Your package may also be seized if it contains any materials or products that should not be shipped to Australia.

If this is the case, you may be informed of the seizure. There may be a set of protocols that you need to follow to get your package released. It could be that you may even face disciplinary action if you are shipping something illegal or ill advised.

What Can You Do About a Shipment on Hold?

As you can see, it can be difficult to know why your shipment is on hold. This is why it is best to contact your local DHL agency directly. Make sure that you have the details such as the order and tracking number. This will make it easier to locate the package.

Once you figure out the cause of the delay, you will be informed about what you can do next. Remember to always contact the agency. If they don’t have your correct information for phone numbers, emails, etc. they may not know how to get in touch with you.

Can You Prevent a Shipment on Hold Delay?

There are a myriad of reasons that you may get a Shipment on Hold message from DHL. Thus, it can be difficult to see all possible consequences.

Nevertheless, make sure that you follow the proper guidelines when shipping items. Double check the senders and recipients information. To avoid delays, you may want to consider timing your shipment so that there is a greater chance of your package arriving in the country on a weekday.

What Does Shipment on Hold Mean for DHL Australia?

This message can mean various things – it is possible that your shipment is in the country but can be delivered it, it may refer to a delay in shipping due to changes in routes or other issues, or it could indicate a lack of sender or recipient information.

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