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After reviewing the best garment steamers, it is now time to see which are the best pressure washers for Australians.

If you’ve got a driveway or patio to clean, there are two ways you can go about that.

  • Get down on your hands and knees and scrub the entire thing manually – that can’t be comfortable, especially during the summer! You may also end up injuring yourself, crawling about like that. Sure, you could use a garden hose but can you really get enough pressure out of yours?
  • Or get yourself a nice, professional pressure washer – this is what we’d recommend if you want to a sparkling clean driveway without putting in too much effort.

Pressure washers have so much more power than the average garden hose. If you’ve got lots of stubborn contaminants moss, dirt or grime to get rid of, this is exactly what you need.

Modern pressure washers can cost anywhere between $50 to $1000. However, the ones on our list are nowhere near the latter price point and so are quite affordable.

Best Pressure Washers in Australia: Our Picks

Below are our picks for best pressure washers you can find in Australia. The following washers were selected based on both expert and customer reviews:

1. Bosch EasyAquatak 120

With 1740 PSI more than enough for home-use. You’ll be able to blast moss and slime off your patio with ease!

bosch aquatak

There are quite a few things we love about the EasyAquatak 120. Firstly, it comes fitted with a high-pressure detergent nozzle that’s perfect for giving your car a thorough-but-efficient cleaning. The EasyAquatak 120 also works quietly, especially when compared to petrol-powered washers. So you won’t have to worry about the neighbours complaining every time you use it.

Thanks to the EasyAquatak 120’s self-priming pump, you don’t have to keep filling it up with water. Instead, you can connect it to a container or tub and allow it to automatically draw up the water.

Lastly, the EasyAquatak 120 is extremely compact and lightweight. You can even open it up and store all the accessories inside!


2. WORX WG629 Pressure Washer 20V MAX Hydroshot

The WORX WG629E.1 is a battery-powered pressure washer and the least powerful on our list, capable of only 320 PSI. However, that’s still enough to do everything from removing mud from bikes to washing down the driveway. It’s also the most lightweight of all of the washers on our list, weighing just a bit more than half a kilo.

worx wg629

Just like the EasyAquatak 120, the WORX WG629E.1 is capable of drawing water on its own from a source like a bucket or a pond. In addition, its nozzle allows you to switch between multiple spray angles on the fly. This makes cleaning hard-to-reach places a breeze.

Something we especially love about this unit is its dual operation design which allows you to switch between power cleaning and watering modes.


3. Jet-USA RX550 3800PSI

This electric washer is perfect for tougher cleaning jobs. If you’ve got some dirt and grime that just won’t come off with a regular hosing, the Jet-USA RX550 has more than enough pressure to blast them off. With 3800 pounds per square inch (PSI), you’ll be able to wash an entire boat in half the time it’ll usually take!

The RX550 comes with a commercial grade 20-meter hose attachment, which is more than enough length to clean the underside of a car with ease. In fact, combined with the 10-meter hose reel that’s probably enough to give your entire roof a wash!

The RX550 comes with other add-ons as well. This includes a turbo wand with a ceramic nozzle, a roof lance for cleaning hard-to-reach places and a couple of high-quality brushes that’ll loosen up any dirt coatings.

Even though it’s an electric pressure washer that needs to be plugged in, the wheel trolley design takes some of the hassle out of transporting it.


4. Jet-USA RX525 3200PSI

Compared to its big brother, the RX525 sports a lighter design, making it easier to transport. It’s also much cheaper, meaning that it does lack a couple of things. Most importantly, its hose only stretches to five metres and its maximum pressure setting isn’t as high as the RX550. However, 3200 PSI is still more than enough for both home and commercial use.

Like the RX550, the RX525 comes with plenty of attachments. We absolutely love the Vari-Nozzle, which allows you to easily switch up the spray angle. Plus, the angled head allows you to get into those spots that are hard to reach. In addition, you also get two types of brushes and a detergent bottle, which allows you to get started straight away.


5. Giantz 8HP 4800PSI

The Giantz 8HP Pro-series High-Pressure Washer is the only petrol-powered unit on our list. Coincidentally, it is also the most powerful. Capable of a pressure of 4800 PSI (thanks to its 210cc engine), this washer is absolutely no toy! In fact, its max pressure setting might be overkill for the average homeowner.

That being said, the Giantz 8HP is capable of lighter cleaning jobs as well, thanks to five different nozzles it comes with: Soap Nozzle, Low Pressure, Wide Spray, Narrow Spray, Pencil Spray. A ‘turbo’ head is also included, in case you want the full 4800 PSI for a stubborn job. The 15-meter hose gives you enough length to take care of almost any cleaning task around the house.

As expected from a petrol-powered pressure washer, the Giantz 8HP can get a little noisy. Hence, if your neighbours are likely to complain about noise then this might not be the best option for you. You do have to go through the hassle of re-filling the fuel tank. However, with a capacity of 3.6 liters, you’ll be able to get a lot done in one go.


As you can see, you could get an excellent pressure washer in Australia without having to spend anywhere near $1000.

What are the Different Types of Pressure Washers?

You have three main options when buying a pressure washer:

Electric Pressure Washers

Electric pressure washers are preferred by many homeowners for their general ease-of-use. They don’t cost much either and have no need for constant maintenance, which helps you save more in the long run. The only downside with electric pressure washers is that they need to be plugged in. This means you’ll have to lug around a power cord wherever you take it.

Petrol Pressure Washers

Unlike electric pressure washers, petrol-powered machines don’t need to be plugged in. They’re generally sturdier as well, so if you’ve got some heavy cleaning jobs this type of washer is what we’d recommend. That being said, they do require more maintenance than electric ones. They also output more noise and you need to keep buying petrol to use them.

Battery-powered Pressure Washers

These aren’t as common as the other two types, but a few manufacturers do offer them. Even though they can’t give you the same power as electric or petrol washers, they’re still great for the average homeowner. Plus they’re extremely portable!

Why Should You Get A Pressure Washer?

We can sum up the answer in three words: ‘efficiency’, ‘convenience’ and ‘versatility’.

If it takes an hour for you to clean your driveway or patio, a pressure washer can do it in about 10 to 15 minutes. In addition, pressure washers use about 80% less water than the typical garden hose!

That’s not all. Most modern pressure washers come fitted with their very own detergent tanks. These are designed to ensure that detergent flows steadily into the pressurized stream, resulting in greater efficiency when cleaning.

Pressure washers can be utilized in a number of different cleaning scenarios including:

  • Removal of stains from concrete surfaces. This includes oil stains
  • Getting rid of moss attached to the surface of your patio
  • Blasting off stubborn mud coatings which cling to your car’s exterior
  • Giving outdoor furniture a nice cleaning
  • Cleaning surfaces prior to painting.
garment steamer australia

Which is the best garment Steamer in Australia?

Whether you’re about to go on a date or attend a job interview, it’s best not to leave the house with wrinkled clothes. There are two common ways to get wrinkles out of your clothes. The first is to have them professionally pressed by a dry cleaner, which probably isn’t something you can afford to do constantly. The second is to iron your clothes, which takes time and patience.

Fortunately, there’s a third option: steaming. Steaming isn’t just fast, it’s also a more effective method for getting wrinkles out than ironing. Plus it’s safer on all kinds of fabric as well.

How Do Garment Steamers Work?

There are many types of garment steamers available on the market today. However, they all work the same way.

Water is poured into a tank contained in the unit, which is then heated to produce steam. The steam then pours out through a nozzle that is directed at the fabric. Due to the high amount of heat produced, you don’t actually have to touch the nozzle to the fabric in order to smooth out the wrinkles.

Our Picks For Best Garment Steamers Available In Australia

The following steamers were picked based on recommendations by both experts and customers:

1. PurSteam Elite

Something you’ll notice right out of the bat is that the Pursteam Elite is extremely well-built. It feels rather sturdy and you just know that it’s going to last a long time even with heavy use.

The Pursteam Elite sports a heating element that’s made out of heavy-duty cast aluminium. As a result, the unit is much better at holding high heat for long periods of time, especially when compared to older PurSteam models. You don’t have to worry about overheating!

The Pursteam Elite comes with a 61-ounce water tank that’s easily removable. Plus it only takes about 45 seconds to heat up the water. This unit is capable of producing very hot steam at 248 degrees Fahrenheit! Not only will this completely obliterate all wrinkles, but it’ll also kill off any germs that cling to your clothes. Hence, if you don’t have time to wash and dry a shirt, a bit of steaming will have it looking, feeling and even smelling completely fresh.

The only downside with the PurSteam Elite is that it doesn’t include any attachments or accessories. This includes things like brushes and creasers that you would typically get with most other steamers.

2. Rowenta DR8080 X-Cel Steam

If you want more portability, then a handheld steamer is what you’re looking for. In that category, Rowenta’s X-Cel Handheld Steamer comes highly recommended by both experts and customers alike.

The trade-off is that you don’t quite have the power of heavy-duty steamers like the Pursteam Elite, but it still tackles smaller steaming jobs without a problem. Because of its small tank, it only takes about 45 seconds at the most to heat up. But the steam only lasts about 10 minutes, meaning you’ll have to keep refilling for longer steaming jobs. However, thanks to a 1500 watt power output capability, the steam is powerful enough to get rid of even the tiniest wrinkles.

3. Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer

The Lemontec Garment Steamer is another popular handheld steamer among Australians. Just check out these raving reviews on Amazon!

It comes fitted with a 180ml water tank that takes about 70 seconds to heat up completely. After that, you’ll get about 9 minutes of steaming time, which means it’s more suited for steaming one or two clothes at a time.

Despite the size of the small capacity of the water reservoir, the Lemontec Garment Steamer generates enough heat to take care of all wrinkles. Plus its advanced nozzle design distributes the steam quite evenly across the surface of the fabric.

You don’t have to worry about overheating either. This unit comes with an automatic shut-off feature when it grows too hot or the water level gets too low.

The Lemontec Garment Steamer is very lightweight and is compact enough to fit into a small travel bag. Plus it comes with a long built-in cord which means that you don’t need to lug around an extension cord.

Even though it isn’t quite as powerful as the Rowenta DR8080 X-Cel Steam, the average person is bound to be very pleased with the Lemontec Garment Steamer.

4. Steamfast SF-407

Despite its relatively low price, the Steamfast SF-407 standing steamer comes packed with enough features to make steaming an easy task.

First of all, it’s fitted with a 40-ounce removable reservoir which will give you around 45 minutes of steam time. That’s more than enough for the average-sized household. Plus with 1500 watts of power output, you can be assured that those wrinkles don’t stand a chance! The steam it produces is hot enough to kill off all sorts of contaminants on your clothes but at the same time, the SF-407 can be gentle on more delicate fabrics.

While the Steamfast SF-407 may not have the same performance as the PurSteam Elite, the former does come with two handy add-ons: an attachable fabric brush and a clothes hanger hook.

5. Conair GS28 Ultimate Garment Steamer

The Conair GS28 is a relatively small standing steamer, measuring just 14.2 inches in height and a bit more than 10 pounds in weight. Despite this, it has 80 ounces of water which lets you steam continuously for 90 minutes! Just like the PurSteam Elite, it takes just 45 seconds at most to properly heat up.

With a power output of 1500 Watt, the resulting steam is hot enough to smooth out wrinkles and kill germs at the same time. Plus its t-nozzle design helps to distribute the steam more evenly across fabrics.

There’s no need to worry about overheating either because the Conair GS28 comes with an auto-off function. Not only that, but it also comes with an energy-saving steam pause feature for added safety and efficiency.

Like the Steamfast SF-407, the Conair GS28 comes with a hanger as well. The latter is a 360-degree rotating hanger and comes included with hanger clips for easier steaming.

Steaming is a great alternative to ironing or pressing clothes. It’s faster than the former and cheaper than the latter. In order to make sure your clothes are always wrinkle-free, you need to purchase a reliable garment steamer. Our five picks above have been recommended by both experts and customers.

dashcams australia

A dashcam should be a necessity for all drivers. Who knows what could happen mid-drive?

Anything could, and you need to be prepared.

However, with a dashcam you can always:

  • be ready to capture those driving moments that go viral
  • or footage of an accident for insurance purposes.

These are its primary purposes, but it can also be used to capture some great stills and footage of scenery as you drive.

As you can see dashcams are amazing – you don’t have to carry around any sort of camera gear or pull out your phone mid-drive, which we can all agree is a dangerous idea.

If you’re interested, you may be wondering which dashcams are worth buying. This is a good question as there are various models on the market you can choose from and making a decision can be tough. We don’t want you getting anything mediocre. You are in luck as we’ll be discussing the best dashcams that you could own. Let’s get started.

The Z-Edge Z4s

This is a flagship device from the brand, so you’re promised great quality. This dashcam is a is a great device to get for those who are new to the game but want an initial premium experience. Let’s talk about all its features and specs.

In terms of picture and video quality, it has super HD resolution, promising 1440p quality. This allows you to get incredibly sharp images. These images are so sharp that you could pick out some of the minutest details. Continuously, it rotates for an impressive 155 degrees, capturing a range of views. The device also uses a mini-USB and has an adapter with two USB ports.

Let’s talk about the accessories that the device comes with. First of all, you get a 32 GB microSD card from Kingston, which is great, making you instantly ready to get to work. You also get the standard suction cup which acts as the mount as the screen is screwed onto it. But what’s special about this is that it is extremely hard to remove from your dashboard. So you won’t have to ever worry about it flying across your car!

The  Cobra CDR 840

This device is known to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing dashcams in the  market. Thus, if you want a device that will do the job for you but also look amazing in your car, then this is the device for you. Because frankly, some dashcams are quite bulky and not visually appealing.

The device is smaller than its competitors, and the screen can’t compare to the Z-Edge Z3 plus’s 3 inches, the Cobra’s screen is 1.5 inches. However, this could be a part of your aesthetic,  and look quite trendy and stylish. It is relatively easy to navigate but if you have big fingers then you might have an issue.

Moreover, the dashcam produces some great quality pictures that are well worth its price point. You can expect a resolution of 1080p, and it can rotate at a 118-degree angle.

But the best feature of this device is probably its GPS capability that comes built-in. And what’s more, the camera uses this GPS technology to add location stamps to videos and pictures.

If you’re wondering what features the device comes with, they are a mini USB and mini HDMI port. With this, you’re allowed to transfer files directly to your PC. However, the suction, although sturdy is not immensely strong so be prepared.

The Garmin Dash Cam 55

Although the Cobra CDR 840 is known for its great looks,the Garmin dash cam 55 also ranks quite highly in the looks department. It is not one of those clunky looking devices, and is a favorite of many drivers for its ability to tie in multiple features into its compact look.

In terms of quality of the images and videos, you’re in for a treat. You will be able to record 1440p video at quite an impressive angle of 122 degrees. This range of motion, although not extensive, is enough to capture a wider range of scenery. This alone is great but the device comes with a unique ‘polarizing filter’ that works to eliminate glare that may ruin your picture or video.

Unlike the previous entries, this dashcam comes with a lot more features. For example, you can take full advantage of the voice control that is built-in. You can command the dashcam to start recording or take a still picture. This is a great tool that any driver would love to have as you are assured safety as you can keep your eyes  constantly on the road, as you drive. But that’s not all. It also makes use of its GPS sensor so that all your pictures and videos are now timestamped with the specific location. This is great if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation such as an accident. This footage can be used to help the insurance company with your claim, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars – who wouldn’t want that?

The BlackVue DR650S-2CH 32G Dash Cam

This is one of the more expensive options, being quite high-quality. However, if you don’t mind the steep price tag, you’re in line for some marvelous services that only the  BlackVue can offer.

It has a front camera that boasts a resolution of 1080p while the rear camera offers 720p. Although the quality is standard, it is still good.The dashcam isn’t really known for its high quality, mesmerizing shots.

What sets this dashcam apart from the rest is its parking mode function. It automatically detects when you park your vehicle and when you resume driving. It also sets the recording to the situation at hand. And what’s best is that since it’s always recording, it can record whenever someone bumps into your vehicle, even setting off an alarm for you.

Thanks to the popularity of dash cams we can watch interesting compilations like this:

And what’s the best feature of the BlackVue? It comes with wifi, allowing the driver to watch live footage through a special application from the Appstore.