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Best Vibration Machine Australia

If you are looking to supplement your workout and weight loss efforts, then a vibration machine can certainly help.

best vibration machine australia

Of course, it is only the best vibration machine in Australia that can get you those results that you are looking for. To learn what the top makes and models are, check out the reviews here.

The Top 5 Vibration Machines in Australia

Here are the machines that will offer up the best benefits:

1. Ozdingo Mini Vibration Machine

Mini Vibration Machine Platform Plate
If you are looking for a sleek, lightweight machine that is easy to carry around and store, then this machine will fit the bill.

Overall, though, the machine is rather modern and great if you want a well-programmed, easy to adjust model.

The vibrations are a good option for all users, even those that are new to vibration machines. You get just enough of a workout to improve your muscles, without having to worry about overdoing it. What’s more, the machine shuts off after 10 minutes to ensure that you don’t use the machine any longer than necessary. For increased safety, the plate is a non-slip surface.

There are 99 speed levels and 9 programmed options, ensuring that you can find the perfect level for your capabilities. The touchscreen buttons are easy to use or you can rely on the remote. If you would like to elevate the performance of the machine, it comes with resistance bands.


2. Everfit Vibration Plate

In case you want a vibration machine with some additional features, then this would be the make and model for you. In addition to offering up vibration, this machine also has a point-massage surface. This means that you get to enjoy a reflexology treatment as well.

The vibrations on the machine are of a good frequency. They are suitable for new users, lighter individuals, and even older people. The good news is that you can ensure that the benefits are balanced out by the safety features as well. This reduces the risk of any injury.

What’s also great is that this machine is highly adjustable. There are 120 speed levels which mean that you get to choose the perfect speed and time for you. Now, this machine does have a lower weight capacity than most other models – 120kg. This is something that you need to be aware of if you are a heavyset individual.

3. INSMA Vibration Platform

The INSMA vibration machine does have a few more bells and whistles than some of the other machines. To begin with, it is equipped with Bluetooth speakers. So, if you want to listen to music while working out, it is now possible.

This machine is a good option for a wider variety of people. In particular, it works well for lower weight people who may not benefit from other vibration machines. You should know that this machine can only hold 100kg at a time.

The plus point, though, is that it can be adjusted very carefully. With 299 speed levels to choose from, you will have no trouble selecting the one that is perfectly suited to you. There is also a massage function that can help to simultaneously soothe and stimulate you. A resistance band system allows you to increase the intensity of your workouts.

4. Everfit Body Shaper Vibration Machine

Do you want something more heavy duty than the average vibration machine? Then, this model should fit your needs. This is especially true if you are a bit bigger made. This vibration machine can hold up to 180kg at a time.

Of course, this isn’t all that it has to offer. You can select from 99 speed levels. As such, it doesn’t matter what your current capabilities are, this machine will be able to match. And, thanks to the powerful motor it can support more robust capabilities as well. It should be noted that this can be a rather heavy and bulky device, though, and a bit difficult to move around.

At the same time, this machine is completely safe. It is equipped with a non-slip surface and contains a built-in fuse for motor protection.

5. Eilision Vibration Machine

If you are looking for a more intense workout experience, then this vibration machine will do the trick. This is because it boasts frequencies between 50 and 60Hz. The oscillating movement of the machine works out all your essential muscles. The device can support a frame weighing up to 150kg.

At the same time, you should be aware that this can be a lot for novices to manage, particularly those who are lightweight or frail. Therefore, it may not be the best options for such individuals. The good news is that the non-slip surface keeps everyone firmly on the machine.

In addition to the intense vibrations, you can choose from automatic or manual programs. With the automatic ones, you can choose from previously programmed time and speed sets. If you would rather be in charge of the numbers, though, you can make the selection yourself – from 1 to 99.

How to Pick the Best Vibration Machine

These are the guidelines that you should follow when selecting the top makes and models:

Know the Type of Vibrations

These machines can have different types of vibrations programmed into them. Some have oscillating movements. This is where the machine rises on one end and dips on the other. The seesaw motion is quite similar to walking and is great if you want to burn calories.

Then, there are the tri-planar or 3D vibrations. Here, the entire platform vibrates in a harmonious fashion. Such platforms also tend to operate at higher speeds. Such models work well if your goal is to improve muscle mass and bone density.

Choose the Right Frequency Range

There is a great deal of misunderstanding when it comes to the best frequencies for vibration machines. Some people believe that very high frequencies are best, while others claim that lower frequencies are the way to go. In reality, the best frequency is somewhere in the middle.

For the top results, look for a machine that produces around 20 – 40Hz. You should know that most home machines will produce less. That is fine – just try the machine on higher speeds. You should still be able to benefit from it. And, if you are on the lighter or frail side, these lower frequency machines can actually be the right fit for you.

Avoid choosing a frequency that is much higher than the recommended threshold. Although this can seem like you are pushing your body for better results, this isn’t the case. And, if you aren’t careful, you just may end up hurting yourself.

Remember that regardless of the frequency that you are operating with, avoid spending more than 10 minutes on the machine at a time.

Check for Non-Slip Surfaces

Non-slip surfaces are a deal breaker. You should only ever choose a model that contains this kind of surface. Fortunately, this is almost the norm these days. The reason for this is rather self-explanatory – these surfaces prevent you from slipping off.

If you are a bit unsteady on your feet or have issues with balance, look for a platform that is especially textured. This will produce an even better grip and ensure that you stay on the machine no matter what.

Examine Safety Certifications

As you can imagine, it is important for you to use a device that is safe. This is particularly true for anyone with health or balance issues. Due to this, it is a good idea to consider if the device has undergone safety testing. If it has, it is automatically a far better option for you.

At the same time, look for CE or SAA certifications as well. After all, this is an electrical device. And, these certifications will mean that the model has been put through its paces. In turn, there is less risk of electrical failure, injury, or other issue.

Look for Durability

Vibration machines can undergo quite a bit of use and abuse. The vibrating features alone can weaken the interior and exterior elements of the machine. Due to this, look for a machine that is built out of high quality, hardy materials. This will increase how long it lasts.

What Features to Look For

Here are the features to consider when buying a vibration machine.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity can often differ from one machine to another. Most of them will vary from around 100kg to 180kg. Nevertheless, this is something that you should pay attention to. In particular, if you are buying a vibration machine for several people to use, make sure that it is suitable for each and every individual.

This doesn’t automatically mean that you should opt for the one with the greatest capacity. If you have a lower body weight, you should be aware that the vibrations can be a bit more extreme with those that have a larger capacity. Not to mention, these models tend to be bulkier and heavier. As such, you should select the one that is best suited to you.

Platform Dimensions

There can be some variation in platform size as well. Thus, this is something that you should look into as well. Measure your feet – length and at width and compare these to the platform dimensions. Keep in mind that these dimensions will be different to the overall dimensions of the product. As such, you need to be certain that you are checking the right measurements.

Remember that you have to stand on the machine with your feet spread apart. So, take this into consideration. Also, there should be a few inches between your feet and the edge of the platform. This gives you plenty of space to move around with wobbling or falling off.

And, as with the weight capacity, pay attention to the feet sizes of everyone who will be using the machine. Make certain that it is a good fit for each and every user.

Speed Settings

Every vibration machine will let you choose settings that are suited to your capability and comfort level. Some allow you to make minor adjustments while others have a smaller number of speed settings. It is important to pick the one that works for you best.

For instance, if you are only just getting started with vibration machines, then you will want to increase the speed incrementally. The same can be said for anyone who is a bit unsteady on their feet. On the other hand, if you are a pro and don’t mind pushing yourself, fewer speed settings will work.

Ease of Use

It should go without saying that your vibration machine should be easy to program and adjust. The easier it is, the more effective your workout. So, look for a machine that has clearly labeled buttons. This way, you can select the settings that you need right away.

It is a good idea to get one that also has a remote. This way, you can program the machine without getting off of it. Also, the machine should be responsive to the remote, ensuring that your commands are transcribed immediately.

Additional Fitness Features

You should get a vibration machine that can cater to you as your fitness levels continue to improve. This way, you will not have to move onto another machine as you get better. Instead, the machine can grow and adept to meet your current standards.

As such, get one that allows you to hook up resistance bands or other workout elements to it. This way, you can increase the intensity of your workout. At the same time, it can also help to get a machine that has various modes with varying levels of intensity.


This is your guide to the best vibration machines in Australia. If you follow the product recommendations as well as the buying guidelines, you will have no trouble picking out the ideal machine for you. In turn, you will be able to be a fitter, better version of yourself all within the comfort of your own home!