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Best Storage Units Australia

Whether you’re residing in Melbourne Adelaide Brisbane Perth or any other significant Australian cities one concern is common – the need for a reliable spacious and secure storage unit.

With the fast-growing population and high-density apartment living trend having a place to store your excess belongings or old furniture is critical.

In recognition of this concern we turn our focus to finding the best storage units in Australia.

Should it be clean?


Near your home or office?


There are many considerations when finding the right storage solution.

Does the current Australian storage market offer facilities that cater to these various needs?

Best Storage Units Australia

Best Self-Storage Providers

When it comes to self-storage providers two brands have been making a significant impact in the Australian market – National Storage and Storage King. The most recent CHOICE Test Research and Australian reviews from ProductReview.com.au have shed light on the quality and reliability of their services.

A survey by Canstar Blue evaluated customer satisfaction factors among 510 Australians. National Storage emerged as a top-notch provider receiving five-star ratings in various categories such as value for money quality of the storage facility accessibility location and overall satisfaction.

Similarly Storage King was the previous victor of Canstar Blue’s Customer Satisfaction Award proving its worth over time.

  • National Storage: Boasting over 200 centers spread across Australia and New Zealand they offer tailor-made storage solutions catering to individual customers businesses and specialized needs.
  • Storage King: With a long history of satisfied customers Storage King offers both standard and specialized storage units assisted by professional moving and packing services.

Storage Facility Considerations

Before plumping for a self-storage provider it’s crucial to take into account a few essential factors. Factors such as size security cleanliness opening hours multiple storage options and location can significantly influence your final decision.

Location can drastically affect the cost and accessibility options such as ground-level access or lift services should be on your wishlist. Security features like CCTV cameras and access control through key/PIN are indispensable.

It is recommended to inspect the facility and compare units before signing the contract.

Consideration Description
Size Choose based on your storage requirements
Security Ensure the facility has CCTV cameras and key/PIN access
Opening Hours Go for a provider with convenient timings that suit your schedule
Multiplicity Providers who offer multiple storage options can cater to diverse needs
Location Options closer to your house or workplace might be more convenient

Storage Costs In Australia

The average monthly expenditure on storage facilities by Australians is $163. Several factors like size location and security features influence the costing of storage units.

The National Storage with over 200 centers spread across Australia and New Zeeland was applauded for providing excellent value for money.

The cost of a storage unit also depends on the location of the facility. If the facility is located in cities like Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Adelaide or Gold Coast the price might be higher.

Consumer Opinions On Storage Units

In a Canstar Blue survey which included feedback from 510 Australians National Storage emerged as a leading storage provider.

The factors considered were quality of storage facility location accessibility and value for money. National Storage excelled in all these fronts garnering a five-star rating.

On ProductReview.com.au customers share their experiences with different storage units. The site houses a plethora of unbiased opinions on storage services across Australia.

  • Quality of storage facility
  • Value for money
  • Location of the facility
  • Security and accessibility

Although the reviews do not necessarily reflect the views of ProductReview.com.au they provide insights to potential consumers.

Previously Storage King won Canstar Blue’s Customer Satisfaction Award for their self-storage service. It is a testament to the competitive nature and the growing population’s need for storage services.

Important Factors When Choosing A Storage Provider

With the cost of living in Australia increasing more Australians are seeking affordable and reliable self-storage units. The choice of a storage provider can greatly impact your experience both financially and logistically.

Here are some important factors you should consider:

Size: The size of the storage facility is crucial. Whether you’re storing old furniture hobby items or business inventories you need to ensure the size of the storage unit can accommodate your belongings.

Security: An important factor to consider when choosing a storage provider is the security of the facility. Look for features like CCTV cameras automated decision-making security alarms AI-powered facial recognition technology and PIN access control.

Cleanliness: The cleanliness of the facility is especially important for long-term storage. This can significantly impact your items particularly if they are sensitive to dirt dust or mould.

Opening Hours: The accessibility of your storage facility which includes its opening hours and contact-free move-ins should fit into your schedule.

Location and Price: The location of the storage facility can greatly affect the cost. Choose a facility that is conveniently located and fits within your budget.

Previous Winners Of Customer Satisfaction Awards

The quality of service from a storage provider can greatly influence customer satisfaction. In the recent past Storage King was recognized as the winner of Canstar Blue’s Customer Satisfaction Award for its self-storage service.

It was applauded for its excellent service customer satisfaction and value for money.

In addition to Storage King National Storage has repeatedly scored five-star ratings in several categories including the quality of the storage facility value for money and overall satisfaction according to surveys by Canstar Blue.

These awards and high ratings based upon Australian reviews serve as a testament to the quality service provided by these storage units in Australia.

Remember always consult the CHOICE website or other reliable sources like ProductReview.com.au to find comprehensive and unbiased advice on self-storage providers.

Compare And Review Storage Units

Choosing the best storage units in Australia may be a tough task if you don’t know what to look out for. Thanks to various platforms including ProductReview.com.au Australians can compare and review different storage units.

This makes it easier for them to stay safe and keep their stuff safe too.

The Australian platforms offer unbiased advice and reviews of major self-storage providers such as National Storage Storage King and Kennards Self Storage. The opinions expressed there can provide a good starting point if you’re looking for individual score satisfaction factors like value for money quality of the storage facility and location.

National Storage for instance received a five-star rating for their quality service. Likewise Storage King the previous winner of Canstar Blue’s Customer Satisfaction Award for self-storage is also a promising option for Australians.

Comparative advertising as well as user opinions on these platforms reveal details on storage unit sizes accessibility options like ground floor or lift access and security features such as CCTV cameras and key/PIN access control. This virtual inspection can be very useful before signing a storage contract.

Cost is also a critical factor in storage unit decisions. Location of a storage facility can either drive costs up or down.

Australians spend an average of $163 a month on self-storage facilities hence the need to get value for the money spent. Check out their opening hours multiple storage options potential for contact-free move-ins and drop-off storage services.

Remember safety should be paramount. Check for mechanisms like pin codes security alarms and even facial recognition technology.

Reviews can provide useful insights on safety and security concerns and what various providers are doing to enhance the experience for users.

Finally when comparing and reviewing storage units it’s important to consider any potentially hidden costs and ensure the provider is transparent about all details. Reading Australian reviews on these platforms can prove helpful in avoiding any unpleasant surprises.

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