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Best Stools Australia

Are you tired of looking for the best stools in Australia?

Got a specific design in mind like the Abel leather counter stool or the sophisticated ARATA bar stool?

Whatever your design preference is choosing the perfect stool can seem daunting with an overwhelming array of options such as the Artiss Set of 4 Wooden Fabric Bar Stools the classic Aster round timber rattan bar stool or even the chic Adela Black Velvet Bar Stool.

So how do you ensure that the stool you pick is not just stylish but also comfortable and durable?

Best Stools Australia

Best Bar Stools Australia

Australia’s best bar stools come from a firm with a decade of industry experience – Bar Stools Republic. Providing a rangy extent of high-quality chairs and bar stools suitable for different settings styles and purposes like kitchens offices or commercial use.

Your selection of bar stool speaks volumes about your unique style and personality whether you choose the luxurious 1x Kitchen Bar Stools Wooden Bar Stool Chairs Swivel Velvet Fabric Grey or the flamboyant Florence 3pc High Fabric Dining Chair Bar Stool French Provincial Solid Timber.

Popular buyer picks include:

New arrivals are also worth exploring for a more modern look:

Recommended Height For Bar Stools

The ideal height for your bar stools will depend largely on the height of your bar or kitchen island bench. As a norm the gap between the seat and the top of the table should be around 25cm.

This ensures that occupants can comfortably sit and access the table.

Each bar stool should ideally allow a 50-75cm space with an extra 12-15cm per stool for arm room and ease of access. A key attribute to remember when selecting your bar stools is to measure the width at the base to guarantee a snug fit and prevent your stools from being too wide apart.

Ideal Width For Bar Stools

The perfect width for bar stools in any setting depends largely on the space available and how the stools will be used. You should allocate about 50-75cm for each stool plus an additional 12-15cm for arm room and access.

The width measure doesn’t only refer to the seat but also at the base of the bar stools to ensure a comfortable fit.

For example the ARATA bar stool and Abel leather counter stool from Bar Stools Republic conveniently offer seating comfort within smaller spaces without compromising on style. They both fit comfortably within the 50-75cm range.

Products like these can fit a variety of interior design styles such as Hamptons modern country and Scandinavian.

Proper Distance Between Bar Stool Feet

The correct space between the feet of the bar stools ensures the stability of the stool and avoids overcrowding. The perfect distance for bar stool feet would ideally be slightly wider than the width of the bar stool seat.

Several stools offered by Bar Stools Republic such as the Hoxton Room faux leather bar stool and the White Zurich bar stools possess the requisite space between their feet. They also come with added features like padded seats for extra comfort and swivel seats for more flexibility.

Whatever bar stool type or style you opt for ensure that they are a reflection of your personality and add a touch of sophistication to your space. Whether it’s a leather stool or wooden stool Bar Stools Republic has something for everyone.

Top Bar Stool Materials

Bar stools come in many designs materials and colors to complement any interior design style. These include Hamptons mid-century coastal boho contemporary luxe look urban industrial and Scandinavian among others.

Some of the most popular materials in top bar stools are upholstery timber rattan and metal. Each brings a unique aesthetic to your setting and offers different levels of comfort and durability.

  • Upholstered: Bar stools with upholstered seating offer great comfort and lend a luxurious touch to your kitchen counter or home bar. Examples include Artiss Set of 4 Wooden Fabric Bar Stools Square Footrest – Light Grey Set of 2 Wooden Bar Stools Swivel Bar Stool Kitchen Cafe Fabric Charcoal and Artiss Dressing Table Stool Makeup Chair Bedroom Vanity Velvet Fabric Grey.
  • Timber: Wooden bar stools offer durability and a natural warm look. They are perfect for a various design schemes from a coastal cool to modern minimalist. ARATA bar stool Replica Hans Wegner wishbone stool and Aster round timber rattan bar stool are great options to consider in our 2023 SALE UP TO 50% OFF!
  • Rattan: Bar stools made of rattan are perfect for achieving a coastal or bohemian vibe in your space. Rattan adds an organic lightweight touch to your interior as in the White Zurich bar stools or the Edith cane bar stool.
  • Metal: For those seeking an urban industrial or sleek contemporary look metal bar stools like the Albert Metal Bar Stool are a great choice. They add a modern touch and are very durable and easy to clean.

Hoxton Room Faux Leather Bar Stool

The Hoxton Room faux leather bar stool is one of our favourite selections from the Bar Stools Republic. This impressive piece beautifully combines both style and comfort.

Embodying an aura of sophistication the Hoxton Room bar stool is designed with a faux leather seat. This gives it a contemporary edge and makes it very easy to clean and maintain.

The stool’s adjustable height and swivel seat provide added comfort and accommodate different user requirements whether for your kitchen office dining area or outdoor entertainment space.

Making a style statement while standing the test of time the Hoxton Room faux leather bar stool is a fantastic investment for your home or business and it ships FREE AUSTRALIA WIDE.

White Zurich Bar Stools

The White Zurich bar stools not only enhance your kitchen aesthetics but also offer an elevated seating experience. These stools with their all-white timber display a classic elegant interior decor style.

Bar Stools Republic offers this exquisite choice that seamlessly blends with any design style.

Upholstered bar stools like Zurich ones provide added comfort factor. The comfort comes with removable stool covers offering more flexibility in fabric choice.

These are a popular choice among homeowners who prefer white linen for a crisp white and lighter profile.

While choosing these stools remember to factor in their base width to ensure a comfortable fit. For Zurich stools the recommended distance between stool seats should be 50-75cm.

Edith Cane Bar Stool

The Edith cane bar stool is not only a furniture piece but an artistic statement that elevates your interior decor. This Australian House & Garden selection with its organic textures offers a coastal boho infusion to your space.

Featuring a rattan woven backrest and leather detailing on the joinery the cane bar stool stands as a synergy of materials. The celebration of materials adds to the comfortable cushion seating while ensuring an interesting visual profile.

If you’re looking to reinvent your decor Edith cane bar stool could be your choice. This choice allows homeowners and frequent entertainers to add a touch of sophistication to their dining area or bar.

Once again ensure a 12-15cm spacing per stool for arm room and access. This measurement from the armrest to table height ensures a relaxed and comfortable positioning.

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