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Best Steam Cleaner Australia

Cleaning carpets and floors with steam is fast and effective.

best steam cleaner australia

It’s safe for the family as it disinfects without using harmful chemicals.

The fact that there are so many steam cleaners in the market can make it hard to choose the right one, however.

We discussed 5 of the best in our review.

The Best Steam Cleaners in Australia

1. H20 HD Advanced Steam Mop

H20 claims that it cleans any floor surface, and they’re not wrong. It effortlessly glides through all kinds of materials and we weren’t disappointed.

The steamer not only gets rid of muck and dust, but it sanitizes as well. You can expect up to 99% of bacteria encountered killed.

It deodorizes floors too. This is what you want when dealing with old carpets and fabrics.

Can its water tank be removed? Yes.

It’s handy as a hand-held unit. However, you could also commonly use it as a mop. Whichever option you choose, it’s a stylish and helpful device. The HD Advanced comes with a slim and eye-catching lime-green design.

It’s lightweight, so your wrists won’t feel sore when cleaning the whole house.

Its weight lets you clean quickly but so does the large 360 degree turning head. You’ll also be able to clean faster as it heats up in just 25 seconds.

How many watts is it? 1500 W. Such wattage is responsible for it being a powerhouse.

Out of the box, you’re getting accessories. These are the following:

  • Angled jet nozzle
  • Brass brush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Super absorbent cloth
  • Carpet glider

The brass brush is our favorite. You’ll be able to get in there with no problem.

What about its warranty? Kogan has you covered, and the HD Advanced has a 2-year warranty. Before you purchase it, you can visit their site to learn more about the coverage offered.

The seller lets you purchase 3-year extended care, as well, which is a great deal.

2. Kogan Premium 15-in-1 Steam Mop

Compared to the H20 HD Advanced, the Kogan premium is not as expensive. We’re all for saving, so this is great. Its appearance is a contrast to its counterpart, as it’s stark white. It will blend into your spaces better.

It comes with many steam settings which lets you clean all kinds of surfaces. You can easily detach it and use it as a hand-held cleaner.

When cleaning, you don’t have to worry about germs. The Kogan Premium kills 99.9% of germs.

It handles grime well. It also neutralizes odors, so you won’t have to worry about any lingering smells.

Unlike the H20 HD, the manual reveals the highest temperature the device can reach. It can go up to 106 degrees, which is why it gets rid of up-to 1% more germs than the previous entry.

As its name suggests, it comes with 15 different uses. You’ll be able to use it for the following:

  • Cleaning floors
  • Polishing mirrors
  • Cleaning windows
  • Scrubbing grills
  • Steaming garments

It comes with some impressive add-ons which come in handy for other tasks. Some of them are:

  • Nozzle for steam jet
  • Smaller nozzle for steam jet
  • Scraper tool
  • Microfibre pad (for the mopping of hard floors)
  • Carpet glider
  • Steamer head for garments
  • Grout brush for tiles
  • Hard grout brush for tough grime

The cleaner is a 1500 W device, which makes it beastly.

What about its warranty? Unfortunately, it only lasts a year.

3. Xiaomi Deerma V20 Vacuum Cleaner

When people think of Xiaomi, they don’t picture expert vacuum cleaners. Rather, they’re known for their phones. But if you’ve used their handsets before, you would know that they’re very high-quality. This is true for their cleaners too.

This is not a steam cleaner. It is a normal vacuum cleaner but we’ve included it to the list because it’s so good.

However, this device is the most expensive option on our list. It costs more than $330. To many buyers, this might be a deal-breaker.

It is completely wireless, however. You’ll be able to clean every inch of space with ease. You’ll also be able to clean outside, which is not something you can do with its counterparts. Its wireless nature also makes transportation less of a hassle.

Since it doesn’t need a power source, how does it work? There is a rechargeable lithium battery present, with good endurance. You can use it for years.

It can be used to clean several things. Xiaomi promises that you’ll be able to clean your sofa, floor, ceiling, carpets, car, and more.

If you’re wondering how long it takes to get heat up, it happens fast. But it’s still not as good as the HD Advanced, whose water tank would heat in around 30 seconds.

Unlike certain other products, we’re told the pressure is 5500 Pa.

It’s great for cleaning large spaces as its dust tank is so large. It not only handles large spaces, but it does a good job with them. It filters as it cleans, sucking up dirt efficiently.

If you’re looking for a cleaner with many modes, the Deerma V20 is not for you. There are only 2 modes present. However, these are enough, as it can handle a range of spaces. This is thankfully possible as it has many brush heads.

Of course, it comes with a warranty. Like its counterparts, you can visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more about the coverage. This will help you know if it’s the right choice for you. You’ll also be able to take a look at its user manual.

How extensive is the coverage? This depends on the seller you work with.

4. Karcher SC1 Premium Handheld Steam Cleaner

It has the best appearance from the cleaners discussed, with a vivid yellow body. Its exterior will liven up any space.

As it’s a handheld steamer, it’s on the smaller side. So, you’ll easily be able to store it around the house.

The device was designed to clean all hard surfaces. When doing so, it will disinfect and get rid of 99.9% of germs present. You’ll be able to use it in the tightest spots. There is an extension hose to get right in there, and it is included in the box.

Unfortunately, we aren’t told how hot it gets. However, the water tank gets heated to incredible levels, as it deals with the most stubborn stains. It’s especially great at tackling lime deposits.

The amount of time it takes to heat up isn’t great, though – at least in comparison to the other entries on our list. It takes up to 3 minutes. Our first entry will be ready to use in 25 seconds.

Its small size makes it more accessible to children. As it gets so hot, this is a disaster waiting to happen. That’s why it’s thankfully child-proof.

Although it’s on the smaller side, it’s powerful, at 1200 W.

You aren’t getting any accessories out of the box. Kogan doesn’t promise a range of uses with this product, so this wasn’t a surprise.

It comes with 2-year coverage. If that’s not enough, the ability to purchase additional 3-year coverage is great. Keep in mind that extended care is not issued by the manufacturer. Instead, you’re getting it from Kogan.

5. Kogan 3-in-1 Handheld Garment Steamer

Like the entry above, it doesn’t come with too many functions.

You can only use it to clean garments. However, it’s fabulous at the job, which is why it earned a spot on our list. Kogan claims that you won’t ever have to iron your clothes again, and they were not exaggerating.

Why is it such a good garment steamer? Because of its burst cleaning function. It releases continuous rays of steam that can smooth out any wrinkles.

The burst cleaning feature makes the Kogan 3-in-1 a great product to use on furniture and bed linen. It offers horizontal cleaning as well. How else would it be able to tackle these surfaces?

It’s also a good garment steamer as its soleplate is ceramic. The material is a superb conductor. It carries heat evenly and you’ll be able to steam clothes with uniformity.

Speaking of garments, can it handle silk, which is known to be a delicate fabric? You’ll be happy to know that it can.

While steaming, the cleaner gets rid of odors, as well. Although we like this feature, most entries on our list offer this capability too.

It’s very ergonomic – the handle is not only shaped well but also offers good gripping. So when you’re cleaning, the chances of you dropping it are low. This is especially true as it’s lightweight, and your wrists won’t feel sore after long use.

It claims to get rid of 99.9% germs. The steam cleaner also heats up fast and would be ready to work in 60 seconds.

Since it’s a handheld device, know that it doesn’t come with a lot of wattage  – it offers 900 W. That’s still a lot.

Out of the box, you get the following accessories:

  • Water cup
  • Lint brush
  • Hair brush

When it comes to the warranty, we were not satisfied, as it comes with only 1 year of coverage. Once again, you can purchase the additional 3-year coverage if you prefer.


When purchasing the products, you should keep a few things in mind. Let’s dive into them below.

How Do You Pick the Best Steam Cleaner?

The most important factor to consider would be the seller you’re working with. Along with manufacturer warranty, you also get coverage from the store you’re buying from. The extensiveness offered may differ – you want to work with a name that covers all your needs.

You should also make note of the manufacturer. Aim for a well-known brand that you can trust. The majority of cleaners we talked about were from Kogan. They’re a leading name in the game so you’re assured of quality.

Prices can depend on the store you’re working with. It’s always a good idea to look around before settling on a product, to get the best deal.

The best cleaner would also integrate well into your home. Each option we reviewed differs in terms of appearance. If you’re looking for a product that would blend in well with a modern home, look for a cleaner that comes in black or white. Although the Karcher SC1 Premium had a good-looking yellow body, it stands out a bit.

What Features Do You Need To Look for In the Best Steam Cleaners?

Consider the following:


All steam cleaners produce some noise. However, older products tend to be noisier. If you’re lucky, the cleaner you’re interested in would have a decibel rating on its packaging. That being said, this is hard to find online.


Larger cleaners usually have bigger water tanks. This helps them generate more steam to clean your home. A larger size can make it hard to use, though. Weight is also something to consider, as well as how ergonomic their handles are.


Size influences how easy the product would be to use and store. Transporting something hefty can be a hassle.

Size of Water Tank

As discussed, a larger unit would have a larger water tank. When considering steam cleaners of the same size, settle on one with a larger water tank. This would mean fewer refills.


The stubbornness of stains your steam cleaner can handle will be influenced by its max temp. The higher the temperature, the more potent it would be. A good example is the Xiaomi Deerma V20. It can reach impressive temperatures of 140 Celsius.


It’s not always mentioned on the box how much pressure a steam cleaner uses. Like temperature, the higher the pressure, the more effective the steam cleaner would be. The Xiaomi Deerma once again is a fabulous choice as it shoots steam out at 5500 Pa.


When it comes to steam cleaners, these gadgets are the best way to clean your home. We looked at some amazing options to purchase. Most of these products are equally great and offer high quality. Any of them would be a superb option to pick up.