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Best Pencil Sharpener For Artists

Best Pencil Sharpener For Artists

Are you an artist? You may be wondering, what the Best Pencil Sharpener For Artists is. Here is a list with the best pencil sharpeners.

1. Electric pencil sharpener with USB and battery support

It’s no secret that working with an electric sharpener is a lot more convenient for most of us, it’s easier on the wrist and faster at its job.

The design is available in light blue and yellow colours, The pencil sharpener has two holes, one 6mm to 8mm the other 9mm to 12mm.As expected the pencil shavings box is removable and see-through to easily judge if it needs to be emptied yet.

The product promises over-heating protection and claims that it can sharpen a pencil to professional levels in under 10 seconds with the use of a steel blade. The sharpener uses either four AA batteries or by a USB.

On top of that the product comes with a lifetime warranty – a luxury not often provided with items used by artists so often, I can see this product making a great gift for an artist, student or even just somebody who works in an office.

2. Staedtler 511 004 Noris Design Tub Sharpener

Despite the simple, non-electronic design this item is useful for students who can’t bring an actual electronic pencil sharpener to class, the fact that it doesn’t need batteries or a USB is also a big plus, especially for artists who may go sketching in the wild – this product is sweet and simple.

This sharpener is designed only for pencils up to 8.2mm, that’s a considerable limitation. It’s available in two different variants – the one and two hole variant.

The single hole variant is a round edge rectangle shape with two clear sides, two yellow-black sides and a red top, The two hole variant has a round-edge triangle shape, it has a blue colour motif instead of the vibrant red and yellows of the one-hole.

Both designs have a safety-lock lid which stops them from opening by accident – nobody wants pencil lead inside their pencil-case or on their paper. A hinged cover prevents the shavings from spilling out as well.

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3. Swordfish “Twin Soft Grip” Pencil Sharpener

While not as convenient for professional artists as some of the other items on this list, the swordfish “Twin Soft Grip” pencil sharpener makes up for this with safety for the younger artists, this items is a great gift for a younger child, the sharpener has insert blades meaning no sharp bits you could cut yourself with are sticking out – on it’s sides the sharpener has soft rubber edges which make it comfortable to hold. The sharpener is designed for a 10.5mm pencil.

You can buy these either individually or in a pack of 30, this would make them ideal for classrooms or daycares.

The plastic case can be one of four colours, red, blue, yellow or green

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4. Swordfish “Twin Combo” Pencil Sharpener and Eraser

This is one of the sharpeners which serve as a multi-tool in the classroom, it not only sharpens your pencil but also keeps the shavings secure and comes with an eraser, a great product for someone in school.

The product comes in four colours, black, blue, pink and mint-blue, it consists of three sections, the middle section is just a link between the sharpener and eraser caps – they click into place easily, one of the caps reveals a large flat-side eraser embedded in the item, the other side reveals two sharpener holes.

You can buy the product in one of 3 packs or in a large pack of 20, you can buy it in a set with a pencil or with a folding ruler.

I personally still have one of these erasers and it has never failed me yet!

5. Helix Metal Desktop Sharpener for Standard and Jumbo Pencils

This is one of those products I always wanted when I used to go to school – it’s a simple mechanical sharpener – you rotate the lever and it sharpens your pencil on its own. This product is available in 3 colours – red, blue and black.

The sharpener has 5 modes which help you pick the level of sharpness you’ll get using this device, it’s made of metal giving it that professional look and the durability of a proper office or classroom device.

The device comes with a vice like clamp allowing it to attach to the surface on which you want to sharpen your pencil – it provides a firm hold making the sharpening more precise and stopping the weight of you turning the lever moving the sharpener.

6. Swordfish The Triple 3 Hole Canister Pencil Sharpener

Personally I have to sat that the design definitely catches the attention – it’s round purple and has 3 holes.

The fantastical design aside – the three holes are a great way to account for more variety in the sizes of pencils – something I’m sure most artists can depreciate, the homes come in the following sizes… 8mm, 11mm, 16mm.

Unlike previous designs from “Swordfish” these sharpeners exclusively come in one colour – the aforementioned purple.

The canister is see-through letting you know when you need to empty your sharpener.

As stated on the product page, you can even sharpen crayons with this sharpener, something which is strangely difficult to do – especially for such a widely known medium.

7. Faber-Castell Trio Pencil Sharpener Tub Box GRIP 2001 Silver

This product is a sleek triangular shape with a cool grey colour – the grids of dots on the surface provide extra grip to open the device – the inside has two sharpeners on the bottom and one on top – I have to say that I can see an issue with this design, when you open it up there will be some run-away shaving dust, this can be counteracted by simply not opening it directly over your project – but it’s one of those things you should consider.

8. Eono Electric Pencil Sharpener

This one is operated by AC Adaptor with Auto Stop Function and Heavy duty Helical Blade Pencil sharpener
This is another one of the very professional sharpeners which I only saw on TV back in my school days, A smooth rectangular shape with a massive canister allowing potentially weeks of use before needing to be emptied, the device itself looks very modern with no buttons or switches, only a charger port on the back and a hole for the pencil, the device is available in two colour a black and a white.
By simply inserting the pencil into the hole you begin the sharpening process – which allegedly takes 5 to 10 seconds, it also comes with a safety mechanism stopping you from over-sharpening your pencil, this is a great machine for classrooms or an artist’s office.

9. Staedtler 510 10, Pencil Sharpener

Manual Pencil Sharpener, Metallic, Metal.

There isn’t much to be said about this one – it’s basic.

There isn’t a canister for shavings and there aren’t any more advanced pencil protection mechanisms. However the simple three part metal design means the product will be durable, the is no risk that the canister will let out the shavings, there is no need for charging or batteries and there is no extra comfortable grip – it’s a trade off which you as an artist might be interested in.

It’ll fit anywhere – be it a pencil-case or your pocket.

10. Electric Pencil Sharpeners, Battery & USB Powered, QHUI Heavy Duty 2 Holes Automatic Pencil Sharpeners

The simple two hole – medium canister – electrical sharpener is my personal favourite from this list – it’s available in two colours, black and blue.

Its simple square shape makes it easy to stuff it in your bag or briefcase and know it won’t slide around and release the shavings!

The first hole is 6mm to 8mm the second is 9mm to 12mm.

The pencil is begin sharpening on it’s own as long as you put it in the hole and press down on it lightly. It can be powered with batteries and charged – this makes it great for almost every setting.

Personally I can see an artist getting the most use out of this device thanks to its simplicity and functionality.


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