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Best Mosquito Trap Australia

If you are tired of trying to get your mosquito problem under control, it is time to upgrade your arsenal – nets alone just don’t do it anymore.

Best Mosquito Trap Australia

Invest in one of the best mosquito traps in Australia to ensure that the mosquito population is kept to a bare minimum.

The devices below have all been designed to offer the best possible performance.

The Top Mosquito Traps

Here are the top mosquito traps on the Australian market.

1. Kogan SmarterHome Mosquito Trap

Kogan Mosquito Trap
If you are looking for the next generation of catchers, then this Kogan model is it.

The trap utilizes CCFL technology which allows an LED light to lure the insects into the pathway of the device.

The bladed fan then traps them and dehydrates them, getting rid of the pests.

Now, one of the great things about this device is that it is completely non-toxic.

This ensures that it can be used in households with children and pets.

At the same time, the brushless fan means that the trap is completely quiet, allowing you uninterrupted sleep. The brightness of the light can also be controlled.

What sets this trap apart from the others is that it can be coordinated with an app. You can then set a timer to balance out efficiency with power. The main downside with this trap is that the lights don’t have as long of a lifespan as some other models.


2. Pestill Magnetic Switch Mosquito Trap

This indoor device uses a rather ingenious method of luring in mosquitos. It does this by mimicking the body heat and temperature of humans with the help of UV light and heating chips. This also has the added bonus of directing the mosquitoes away from you and your family members.

The machine then relies on high speed rotation blades to create a suction force that drags the mosquitos into the machine. This force works on mosquitoes that are quite close to the machine, but doesn’t work that well on those that are slightly far away.

This trap has a base compartment that can easily be removed. This allows for easy clean up. The trap is completely safe for all households. It is non-toxic and doesn’t produce any odors. It is also quiet too, preventing the machine from bothering anyone, particularly when you are asleep.

3. Kogan SmarterHome Mosquito Trap Lite

If you want something sleek, portable, and effective, then look no further than this smart electric mosquito trap. What’s great about this device is that, at first glance, it doesn’t even look like a mosquito trap. As such, you can easily place it in public areas like your living room, even when you have company over.

The mosquito catcher and killer are equipped with a powerful LED light as well as a brushless motor that powers a suction fan. The light lures in the mosquitoes while the fan pulls them into the catcher, trapping them. While this is a rather effective method, this trap isn’t the most powerful option available.

Being a Smart device, you can make numerous adjustments via the app on your smartphone. At the same time, this is a rather unobtrusive trap as it is quiet, portable, and quite discreet.

4. JunChang Household Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer

If you want to keep mosquitoes away from you and family members at all costs, then you should consider this trap. This is because it is equipped with two different mosquito attractants. The first is the LED light.

The second is the heating chips. These begin to warm up once the machine is turned on. And, they simulate body temperature so that mosquitoes are more likely to fly towards the trap. Then, the powerful motor sucks in the bugs. The trap is quite effective and is good for catching numerous mosquitoes.

The only downside is that the machine can be a bit loud. As such, it is tricky to use at night, within small spaces. However, the trap is an all-natural product – it uses a dehydration process to kill the bugs. This makes it safe for households with small children, pregnant women, and elderly people.

5. DTrade Mosquito Trap

This particular trap has been designed to be more efficient than most. Now, it does rely on LED lights to get the mosquitos to fly closer to the device. Thanks to the design, though, the area around the light becomes like a vortex. This causes the mosquitos to get sucked into the trap.

What’s interesting is that this doesn’t look like your traditional mosquito trap. Rather, its modern and sleek design means that it blends in well with other devices. So, you will have no issue with keeping it on display in all areas of your home.

The trap is quite easy to work. You just press the power button and it is good to go. Since this isn’t a well-known brand, it is difficult to tell just how long this trap will actually last.

How to Pick the Best Mosquito Trap

Here are the top guidelines to follow when selecting the right mozzie traps for you and your home:

Indoor vs. Outdoor Mosquito Trap

The first thing to consider is whether you are trying to prevent mosquitos from trying to enter your home or trying to get rid of the ones that are already inside. This will give you some idea of whether you need an indoor or outdoor trap.

So, what’s the difference? Well, an outdoor trap can often act as a repellent or a killer. However, these tend to use more potent ways of getting rid of mosquitoes. This could include carbon dioxide or chemicals. As such, they aren’t safe for indoor use. Furthermore, they do little to tackle the mosquitos already in your home.

In case you are trying to prevent mosquito bites, however, then an indoor trap will do the trick. These are often quieter, safer, and tackle the mosquitoes in the room that they are placed in.

What Kind of Mosquitoes Are You Trying to Catch?

Although most people don’t think about it, there are over a thousand species of mosquitoes. And, they are all attracted to different things. For instance, for some mosquitoes, it is odor, while others head towards light and warmth.

Thus, it can help to do some research on the kind of mosquitoes that you are dealing with in your region. Then, select a trap that is most likely to attract these species. This can greatly increase the effectiveness of the machine.

Of course, there is a good chance that you are dealing with more than one type of mosquito. So, to ensure that you are covering all of your bases, get a trap that has two or more ways of attracting the bugs. Then, you can be sure that all your mosquito problems are taken care of.

Consider Your Family When Selecting Type

As mentioned, mosquito traps get rid of mosquitoes in a wide variety of ways. Some ways are safer than the others. Now, while chemical and carbon dioxide traps will get the job done, it is important to remember that they aren’t great for the inside of your homes.

And even outside, they can be harmful to certain individuals. Bear in mind that certain members of your family may be more greatly affected by chemical traps than others. This includes pregnant women, young children, elderly individuals, and those with breathing issues. Many repellents for dogs and pets can be harmful too.

This is why it is best to opt for an electric, motorized mosquito trap. For the most part, the design of these devices tends to be similar. They use an attractant such as light, heating chips, or some combination of the two to draw the mosquitoes in.

However, these devices are equipped with fans and blades that create a suction force. Once the mosquito enters the area with this suction force, it is drawn into the machine and sent to a separate compartment. Here, the device typically relies on dehydration to get rid of the mosquitoes.

Determine the Impacted Radius

You should also consider what kind of radius that the mosquito trap can operate within. Then, select one that makes sense for the space that you are trying to cover. For instance, if you are trying to keep a smaller space mosquito free, then the radius doesn’t need to be that great.

However, if you are trying to safeguard a larger area, then a more powerful mosquito trap would make sense. You should keep in mind that there are limits even with the most powerful mosquito trap. As such, you may need to buy more than one trap to take care of a larger area.

What Features to Look For

Here are some of the features that you should pay attention to when selecting your mosquito traps:

Low Noise

If you are selecting an electric mosquito trap, then there is the motor to consider. These are often high powered as they need to create a suction force. As such, they produce noise. Needless to say, this can be concerning if you are trying to select a device for a bedroom. A too-loud device can disrupt your sleep.

Of course, not all motors produce the same level of noise. The good news, though, is that most models will let you know how much noise each machine produces in decibels. You can use this to determine what model is right for you.

Ease of Use

While mosquito traps do most of the heavy lifting for you, you still have to clean them out. As you can imagine, this isn’t a pleasant experience at all. Due to this, you should select a device that allows you to clean out the trap as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Consider models that can easily detach the compartment that the mosquitoes are stored in. Then, it is simply a matter of removing this component and dusting out the mosquitoes. This feature can be especially important if your home tends to get swarmed by a large population of mosquitoes.

Light Adjustment

Virtually all electric mosquito traps have LED lights. This is what attracts the mosquitoes to the device. Still, you may want to look for a model that lets you adjust the brightness. Such a feature will be handy for devices that will be kept in bedroom.

Since the light can be rather bright, particularly in a dark room, being able to adjust it could create a better sleeping environment. The light adjustment option could be on a device or via a smartphone app.

Energy Efficiency

If you are going with an electric mosquito trap, then it will have to be plugged into a power source the entire time. While these devices are rather small, they can still take up quite a bit of power. As such, looking for an energy efficient one can be helpful.

Now, there are two types of energy efficient mosquito traps. The first one takes in less power but converts this power more efficiently, ensuring that the motor is still able to run as needed. The second type is the one with a timer. You can set it to work for a set number of hours and then automatically turn off. This way, it doesn’t use up any more power than necessary.

Aesthetic Appeal

This may not seem like such an important factor, but it can be. This is particularly true if you want to keep your mosquito trap in a public area such as the living room. Here, having a bulky or ugly trap can destroy the entire décor of the room.

Thus, consider how well your mosquito trap will fit in with the surroundings before making your purchase. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of modern and sleek designs for you to choose from.


These are the top mosquito traps in Australia. Choose any of these and you should find your pest problem well and truly handled. This means a happier and safer home for you and your family members.