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Best Indoor TV Antenna Australia

Why spend on cable? You can pick up a TV antenna and you have the choice of indoor and outdoor ones.

We think indoor ones are better – they’re much easier to install. They’re also smaller than their counterparts. We’ve talked about 5 great ones any Aussie would love.

Best Indoor TV Antenna

These are our top 5 picks:

1. One for All Value Line

best indoor tv antenna

The One for All device is small. If you’re going to place it in a tiny space, you don’t have to worry about it being an eyesore. We’re also fans of its design as it’s just two receptors on a black base and looks chic.

You can purchase it for $59. It’s not the most affordable but it’s not on the pricier side of the spectrum. You can think of the money spent as an investment.

It comes with superb reception. It lets you block 3G and 4G networks. Not all antennas come with the feature, only the best. You can fully adjust it too. This makes sure that your reception is crystal-clear.

You can adjust it by moving the loop on its face. It’s easy to grip and feels great in your hands. You can use it to optimize the aerials.

What’s its radius? You’ll be able to use it up to 15 km away from your nearest transmitter. We had no problem with it delivering and receiving signals. Anyone who’s purchased it would agree too. This is superb as indoor antennas are known to not receive as clear of transmissions as outdoor counterparts.

What’s its receiving power? 42 dBuv.

Sadly, it doesn’t come with HD capabilities. This might be a deal-breaker for many.

When you purchase it, you’ll get a 1-year warranty. You’re getting coverage from the manufacturer. You can visit their site and learn more.

Out of the box, you’re getting an expert manual. If you visit their site, you can also read more. This will help you decide if you want to purchase the product or not.


2. One for All HD

It’s not the daintiest antenna. However, it looks chic. Its size will be the first thing you notice, but its design doesn’t make it an eyesore.

The device can be used as flat standing. If you want, it can be mounted to a wall, though.

Compared to the option above, it’s not the most affordable. You’ll be able to pick it up for $99 and is the most expensive option in our review.  Think of the money spent as an investment.

Unlike the antenna above, we’re told of its dimensions. It comes in at 9.0 x 4.3 x 16 cm. As you can see, it’s quite thin.

What’s great about it is that it’s compatible with 4K Ultra HD. In our opinion, this makes its price well-worth it.

You won’t have to deal with interference. It comes with an active noise reduction filter.

What’s impressive about it is that it comes with gain control. If you don’t know what gain is, it’s the strength of the signals an antenna can send or receive in a specific direction. Is its gain control automatic? Yes.

What kind of warranty do you get? Nothing too extensive. You’ll be covered for 1 year. Once again, you can visit the manufacturer’s site and learn more. We think the manual it comes with is pretty easy to read. This is something you want if you’ve never installed a unit before, especially an indoor one.

What’s also appreciated is that you get an AC power adapter out of the box.

What’s its range? We’re not told of this, unfortunately. Around 15-25 KM is a good guess, though.

3. Sansai TV Antenna

We’re fans of affordable antennas. The ATN228C is similar in price to the first entry. Considering how much it costs, it’s not too expensive. That being said, it’s not cheap either.

To be honest, we don’t like the way it looks. Its design is reminiscent of an antenna for the outdoors. It’s not something you want inside a room.

Sadly, we’re not told what its dimensions are. This would have given us a better idea of how easy it would blend into a room.

But we know how much it weighs: it’s 0.8kg.

Although we’re not that fond of its appearance, it’s a superb antenna. How else would it have made our list? It comes with a built-in amplifier. If you’re not a fan of its price, this makes it worth it. We’ve mentioned amplifiers several times in our article. However, we’ve not talked about what they exactly do; well, they correct weak signals.

They work similarly to audio amplifiers, by raising the volume of various sounds. As indoor antennas don’t get good signals as the outdoor kind, you will be pleased with it.

What also helps with signals is its gain control. If you remember, the second entry on our list also comes with the feature.

In the warranty department, you’re not getting coverage provided by Kogan. The warranty is directly offered by the manufacturer.

Like most of the antennas we talked about, there’s a good installation guide. Considering how indoor antennas are easier to install than outdoor ones, you won’t have any trouble.

4. One for All Amplified Indoor Antenna with 25km Range

This is probably the best-looking entry on our list. It’s very small and comes with a good colourway – it rocks a two-tone grey, which you don’t see that often. You don’t have to look close to notice that its exterior has texturing. That’s because there’s fabric incorporated into its design.

We are told of its dimensions too: 1.5 x 3.5 x 22 cm. This not only shows that it’s small, but it’s also thin.

How can you place it? You can either keep it standing or have it mounted on your wall. We prefer to keep it standing. Its good-looking exterior makes it decorative.

You’ll be able to get good signals too. It comes with a radius of 25 km and you don’t have to worry about reception. There is 3G and 4G filtering that prevents the loss of signal.

There are automatic noise reduction filters too. This makes sure that interference is very low.

It also makes use of multi-directional technology that helps it avoid blind spots. You don’t have to change its antenna to get an improved signal.

Like the entry above, the cherry on top is that it can play 4K Ultra HD. However, it is on the pricier side. We think this along with its good looks makes its price worth it.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how long the cables on the other entries are. However, we do know the length of the UE-SV9436. Its cable is 1.8m, and you won’t be restricted.

What’s the warranty like? The device is similar to its alternatives, as it also comes with 1-year coverage. We’re disappointed that you don’t get more, but it makes up for this in other ways. The manual you’re getting out of the box is pretty easy to read, as well.

5. TechBrands Slim

We love the way it looks – it’s futuristic in design. That being said, it’s also rather in your face. Was this a good compromise? We don’t know. However, it looks a lot like our first entry. It just rocks an improved design.

What’s so great about its exterior is its sheen, which makes it look like a million bucks. Thankfully, it doesn’t cost much. It’s one of the more affordable options on our list.

It’s also a standing antenna. Considering its look and shine, it’s very ornamental.

You don’t have to worry about broadband signals. It comes with a 4G LTE filter. Although this is appreciated, most of the units we talked about came with the capability too.

You are promised optimal performance as it has telescopic dipoles. The loop next to its antennas can also be adjusted, optimizing its aerial performance.

Like many of its counterparts, it comes with gain control.

We aren’t told what its KM radius is like. But we do know its UHF and VHF frequency range. The former is 470.0MHz, 694.0MHz while the latter is 174.0MHz, 230.0MHz.

You don’t have to worry about assembling it. The antenna comes preassembled out of the box, saving you all the hassle of putting it together.

Its warranty is not provided by Kogan but by the manufacturer.


Having discussed 5 of the best options around, we answered some questions you may have about the products. These will help you stay as informed as possible when purchasing indoor TV antennas.

How Do You Pick the Best Indoor TV Antenna?

One of the most important things to consider is the seller you’re buying from. You need to well-informed before making the purchase, which is why the seller you choose matters. A good one would be able to answer any questions you have.

A good seller might also be able to offer the product at lower rates. If you look around, you’ll find the same antenna going for different prices in different stores. The seller may offer a warranty on top of the manufacturers. You want something extensive, so look around.

Different manufacturers offer different quality. The majority of products on our list were from One For All. They’re an acclaimed name in the game – so you won’t go wrong buying from them.

Let’s look more at warranties. The devices may be hard to install, which is why you could damage them in the process. Hopefully, the coverage you picked up has your back.

You won’t be placing the antennas outside, which why their appearance matters. We were critical of the appearance of each product we discussed. To make sure they blend into your home, you need to look for smaller gadgets. The design matters too. If you remember, the One For All UE-SV9436 came with two-tone fabric, which caught our eye immediately.

Of course, ease of use is important too. If you’ve never set up an antenna before, purchasing one that’s not pre-assembled could prove to be difficult. You need to make note of how readable its guide is. If it’s a well-known model, there might be guides and tutorials about how to assemble it online.

What Features Do You Look for In Indoor TV Antennas?

Make note of the below points before making a purchase. The majority of the antennas we talked about come with them:


Depending on your space, the antenna might look better mounted than standing. Hopefully, it comes with both features. We prefer the standing kind as they blend into a room and look neater.

3G/4G Blocking

Unless you want the networks to interfere with your reception, you should purchase an antenna that blocks them. They’re not hard to find, thankfully. Most indoor and outdoor antennas come with this capability.


The larger its radius, the further away from transmitter towers you could be. This makes life easier as you may live quite far from the closest one.


If you want it to be able to work while sending weak signals, you would need an amplifier. If the antenna doesn’t have one, you can always purchase it separately.

HD Capability

Why wouldn’t you want access to 4K Ultra HD channels? Your viewing experience would be divine.

Noise Reduction Filters

With the presence of these filters, interference would be less of an issue. The more expensive the antenna, the more advanced the filters tend to be.


When it comes to Indoor TV antennas, they’re much easier to install than their outdoor counterparts.

However, since they’re placed inside, they won’t always receive a clear signal . There are certain obstacles in the way that could weaken it.

That’s why you need to do enough research before you settle on one.

We talked about the best products and discussed several things you should consider before purchasing them, so keep them in mind.