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Best High Back Chairs Australia

Choosing the right office chair is critical for productivity and overall well-being at work or in recent times also when working from home.

A poorly chosen or uncomfortable seat can lead to back and spinal problems affecting your performance.

In your quest for comfort and health you’ve probably encountered a multitude of options.

Introducing the best high back chairs in Australia crafted meticulously to provide you with maximum comfort and superior ergonomics for those long office days.

But with so many brands and options available how do you select the one that caters to your needs and agrees with your body type?

Best High Back Chairs Australia

Best High Back Chairs Australia

If you’re seeking the best high back chairs in Australia you’ll want to consider the ErgoTune Supreme Ergonomic Office Chair and the Alfordson Executive Office Chair. These chairs stand out for their exceptional blend of comfort adjustability durability and aesthetics.

The ErgoTune Supreme is a crowned winner of the best office chair in Australia with its excellent ergonomic properties and durable design. This chair is equipped with an AFRDI approved construction excellent for robustness and ergonomics.

Furthermore it offers various adjustment options making it a perfect match for different body shapes.

Another recommended chair is the Alfordson Executive Office Chair. Known for its heavy-duty construction and comfortable PU leather upholstery this chair is a good combination of tradition and tech features.

Its striking design and strong build quality make it a standout among high back chairs across Australia.

Most Comfortable High Back Chairs

When it comes to comfort the Steelcase Leap and Herman Miller Embody are remarkably ahead of the pack. Both these chairs offer unique features to ensure maximum comfort during long working hours.

The Steelcase Leap stands out with its patented LiveBack technology adaptable to the shape of a user’s spine. Its high back design combined with a soft cushioning system provides exceptional comfort for any user.

Its adjustable lumbar support aids in maintaining correct posture reducing back problems.

On the other hand the Herman Miller Embody is another comfortable high back chair designed with Embody’s unique back and seat support system. This system caters to a wide range of body types ensuring a comfortable sitting experience.

Its high-quality fabric-polyester blend works on retaining an airy comfort even after a gruelling working day.

Unquestionably investing in these chairs comes with a list of health benefits that contribute positively to productivity and well-being at work.

Top Rated High Back Chairs In Australia

When it comes to high back chairs Australia has plenty of top-rated options. Among them is the ErgoTune Supreme Ergonomic Office Chair known for its comfort and adjustability.

With features like a TriTune 3D support headrest and adjustable lumbar support this chair stands out for its superior ergonomics.

Another notable mention is the Alfordson Executive Office Chair. With its PU leather upholstery and heavy-duty construction it offers both elegance and durability.

Its 360-degree swivel function allows for easy movement around the office.

  • Artiss Mid Back Gaming Office Chair – This chair is perfect for gaming enthusiasts offering comfort and style.
  • Flash Furniture Mid-Back Ergonomic Office Chair – This chair is known for its excellent design and high levels of comfort.
  • Auselect Ergonomic Gaming Chair – is another excellent choice for gamers offering a high back design with adjustable features for extra comfort.
  • HQ-Gaming Office Massage Chair – This chair not only offers a great gaming experience but also a massage function for relaxation.

Best Ergonomic High Back Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are essential for keeping your body healthy during long office hours. One of the best available is the ErgoTune Supreme Ergonomic Office Chair known for its excellent ergonomic features and 10-year warranty.

The Sidiz T50 is the best budget ergonomic chair in Australia. Its S-shaped backrest and adjustable lumbar support help maintain the correct posture preventing back problems.

If you prefer a premium office chair the HM Cosm manufactured by Herman Miller is worth considering. Known for its advanced technology and attractive design it provides an unparalleled sitting experience.

For those looking for a balance between quality and cost the Sihoo M57 offers solid ergonomic features at an affordable price. It features a flexible backrest and generous reclining angle ensuring your overall comfort during your working day.

Budget-Friendly High Back Chairs

When it comes to finding the best high back chairs in Australia on a budget the Sihoo M57 stands out. Known for its solid ergonomic features this budget office chair provides comfort without breaking the bank.

It features a 360-degree swivel function an adjustable headrest and a broad backrest for optimal support.

Another affordable option is the Artiss Eamon. It offers style and comfort at a price that won’t have you digging into your depth pockets.

It doesn’t compromise on essential features providing adequate office chair characteristics such as durability a 360-degree swivel function and adjustability.

Recommended product: Sihoo M57

The Sihoo M57 stands out as a top pick in the budget category. It effectively combines affordability with great ergonomics.

It features a wide backrest and adjustable lumbar support assessing body types and providing adequate support. Thus it promises comfort and correct posture even when you’re constrained to your desk for long hours.

High Quality Leather High Back Chairs

When it comes to high-quality leather high back chairs the Ergohuman Plus Elite V2 Full Leather and the Herman Miller Embody’s unique back and seat support system take the forefront. They deliver superior comfort through a careful blend of ergonomic design and genuine leather materials.

These premium office chairs prioritize comfort even during gruelling office hours.

The Evolution Executive Leather Chair is another example of a high-quality leather high back chair. With its exceptional comfort and stylish design it’s a business decision worth investing in.

It has advanced features such as a 360-degree swivel function a chrome base an adjustable headrest and even a massage function.

Recommended product: Ergohuman Plus Elite V2 Full Leather

The Ergohuman Plus Elite V2 Full Leather stands as the recommended product in this category. Besides its premium leather finish the chair also supports extensive adjustment mechanisms offering great ergonomic features that will suit different body shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re working from home or headed back to the traditional office space this chair is sure to complement your desk setup.

Where To Buy High Back Chairs In Australia

There are numerous physical stores and online platforms where you can buy the best high back chairs in Australia.

Ergotune Supreme Ergonomic Office Chair the top pick and other top performers like Alfordson Executive Office Chair and HQ-Gaming Office Massage Chair can be purchased directly from their brand websites.

Herman Miller’s furniture like the Herman Miller Cosm and Herman Miller Embody known for Embody’s unique back and seat support system are available on the Herman Miller website and authorised dealers.

Popular online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay offer a wide array of high-back chairs including the budget-friendly Sihoo M57 and the premium Steelcase Leap. They offer extras like discounts easy returns and customer reviews.

A local favourite for quality office furniture is Officeworks where you can find lesser-known but effective high back chairs like the J.Burrows Halifax.

For those who value AFRDI approved chairs suppliers such as BFX Furniture pride themselves on offering chairs that meet robustness durability safety and ergonomic standards.

Australia also hosts premium furniture stores such as Living Edge where elegant options like the Humanscale Freedom Chair can be bought.

Best high back chairs that complement your work setting and promote a healthy posture though features like adjustable lumbar support 360-degree swivel function and adjustable headrest are readily available in Australia.

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