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Best Energy Efficient Heaters Australia

It can get pretty chilly in Australia during the colder months. This is why getting a portable heater is a good move.

best heaters Australia

However, you have to be careful.  Some of them can wreak havoc on your utility bill. This is why we’ve run through the best energy-efficient ones on the market.

What Are Energy Efficient Heaters?

Heaters can take up more electricity than they use. This is why they are known to be so energy-consuming.

Thankfully, manufacturers have now come up with models that are more energy-efficient. These have liquids, gases, and other materials to improve the conduction of heat.

Kambrook 2400W
Best Energy Efficient Heaters Australia
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Dyson Hot+Cool
Dyson Hot+Cool
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Kambrook 1200W/2400W
Kambrook 1200W/2400W
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There are quite a few of them on the market. They’re not that expensive when compared to regular devices, which is a plus.

Our Top 5 Energy Efficient Heaters

1. Kambrook 2400W 11 Fin Oil Column Heater

The heater looks great. It’s completely black, so it looks great in a modern home. It’s slim too, so you’ll be able to fit it wherever you want.

Kambrook has designed the heater to be easy to use. That’s why they’ve added handles in easy-to-reach locations. Although the heater gets hot, its handles won’t.

It comes with wheels as well, like any good portable heater. We have to say, they move smoothly. So, we’re impressed.

Yes, it can get really hot. You don’t have to worry as there’s a safety tip switch that stops it from getting too heated. This is great if you’re a forgetful person.

The heater comes with 3 heat settings. The different choices are diverse and are fit for a range of climates.

It’s made of metal. This increases the premium feel.

If you need to heat a large space, the Kambrook is the heater for you. It utilizes radiant and convection heat to amp up the temperature. This helps with energy efficiency, as you can imagine. Speaking of temperature, it can be finetuned with the device’s variable thermostat.

You may be wondering what its dimensions are. They’re 49.0 x 25.0 x 94.5 cm. This means it’s pretty dainty.

2. Dyson Hot+Cool Fan Heater AM09

The Dyson is a great heater. However, it doesn’t just heat the room. As its name suggests, it can cool it too. So, it’s similar to a portable air conditioner.

It has a built-in sleep timer. This lets you turn it on and off when you’re not at home, so you’ll be saving energy.

With one look at the Dyson, you’ll notice it doesn’t have any blades. Although it’s peculiar, this makes it safe. It also makes the AM09 easy to clean as you don’t have to worry about nooks and crannies. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is. There won’t be dust mixing with the heat, which would aggravate your allergies.

Having no blades isn’t the only reason why it’s safe. The device comes with an automatic cut-off switch. So, you don’t have to worry about it getting too hot.

The AM09 is incredibly quiet. As a result, it’s great to have on when you’re asleep.

What’s more:

It comes with jet focus control. So, the heat is propelled in smooth, continuous currents. The Jet Focus also allows for longer air flows.

Its dimensions are 59.5 x 15.3 x 11.3 cm across.

3 Kambrook 1200W/2400W Portable Desk/Floor Upright Oscillating Fan Heater/Heating

The Kambrook comes with a ThermoGuard. This makes overheating impossible. Like the other heaters on this list, it comes with a safety switch to avoid worst-case scenarios.

The heater is convenient. Its handles are located on the side and are easy to grip. If you’ve ever used a portable heater before, you know how useful this is.

The fan oscillates. So, heat is distributed everywhere.

In terms of the heat that’s produced, it’s generated by the Kambrook’s 24000 W motor. Hence, it’s pretty intense. Of course, the device comes with a variable thermostat, so you can adjust the heat to your liking.

Unfortunately, there are only two heating options. To us, this isn’t the best, but it gets the job done.

One of the first things you’ll realize about the Kambrook is how fast it is. Almost immediately, it shoots out hot air.

The device is matte, which we love. It’s on the smaller size but is chunky with dimensions of 16.0 × 22.0 × 31.5 cm.

4. Dimplex 2.4kW Freestanding Oil Column Heater with Timer & Turbo Fan

Similar to the entry above, the Dimplex comes with two heat settings. This isn’t the best, but it’s more than enough to heat up a space.

It’s quick. In a matter of minutes, it’ll heat the room. If it’s really cold outside, this is great. However, it’s certainly not the quickest heater out there.

Like the other devices we discussed, the Dimplex comes with an auto timer. So, it can automatically heat your home if you get back after going out.

The device is especially easy to store. It comes with a cable hook, so you’ll never have to worry about storing it.

One of its best features is frost protection. This means it produces a low level of heat, just enough to combat frost. This is perfect if the room is a workspace.

Not only does it come with overheating protection, but it also uses non-toxic oil. So, you don’t have to worry about your family’s safety. As mentioned, oil heaters are pretty efficient.

We have to say that the Dimplex doesn’t look the best. It doesn’t look very modern, and its wheels protrude, making it look awkward.

5. Dimplex 2000W Ceramic Tower Portable Electric Heater

The heater has an odd design. It’s rounder on the bottom than it is on the top, and is quite short.

If you get over its appearance, it’s a pretty great heater.

The Dimplex comes with a remote that fits snuggly in your hand and comes with buttons that are easy to use.

The device has an eco-mode, which helps you save energy. This is great, but all of the heaters we discussed do this.

There are 2 heat settings. As mentioned, this isn’t enough but it gets the job done.

Its base rotates, so heat is distributed throughout the room. The heat that comes out is pretty powerful as the Dimplex is a 2000 w machine.

Let’s not forget that it has a movement sensor. This puts the Dimplex on idle mode if it doesn’t detect any room. As you can imagine, this also saves power.

As with the other devices on our list, it comes with a safety cut off and tip switch. So, you don’t have to worry about putting your family in danger.

How To Pick An Energy Efficient Heater

It’s clear that the above heaters would do a great job while saving you money.

Before you go through the below section, let’s talk about a few things that would help you choose a good heater.

Your Room Size

If your room is too big, the heater won’t be able to distribute the heat properly. If the room is small, it may have trouble doing this due to the machine’s size, as well.

What Is It Made From?

Some heaters have oil in them, while others don’t. Those that have oil systems are great at being energy efficient.

Heating Options

The more options present, the more comfortable you’ll be. There will also be modes that would let you be comfortable, while not using much energy. For example, the frost mode.


This might not seem important, but it is. You should get a heater that has a stylish design as it may not blend into the room, and becomes an eye-sore.


With that said, we’ve gone through our favourite heaters. They’re some of the best on the market. You may have a couple of questions about heaters. So read ahead.

Why Is Electric Heating So Expensive?

To answer this question, we need to talk about physics. Energy efficiency should always be taken into account. This is the amount of energy used to perform a certain task. Electric heaters aren’t that energy efficient. So, if a heater is using 3000 watts of energy, a percentage of this would be wasted. As a result, more electricity is needed to get the job done, raking you a high bill.

Which Type Of Heater Is The Cheapest To Run?

If you’re looking for a portable electric heater, there are quite a few that are energy efficient. Your best bet would be one that uses oil or halogens.

You could say fan-based heaters are cheap to run too, but they’re nowhere near as efficient as the other two types.

How Much Does It Cost To Run A 1500 Watt Heater For 24 Hours?

First, find out how much you’re paying for a KW, per hour. This depends entirely on your location. It can differ per state too, so keep this in mind.

With that out of the way, take a look at your heater. There might be a label mentioning how many watts it uses. Most of them are over 2000 W.

If you have a 1500 watt heater, and you pay $0.30 per hour, use this formula:

1500 x 24 / 1000 x 0.30

In the above example, you’ll be paying $10.8 for a whole day.

Is The Dyson Heater Worth The Money?

Dyson is an amazing brand. They’ve released some of the best portable heaters and air conditioners on the market. This is why we think that the Dyson AM09 is more than worth its price tag.

We know that it’s pricey, but it has no blades, so it’s safe. This also means it’s easier to clean, so you’ll be saving a lot of time. The lack of blades is a feature of Dyson’s products. The heat it produces is pretty great too. It’s jet focused, so it’s a smooth current that lasts a fair amount of distance.

Is The Dyson Heater Energy-Efficient? Which Is The Best Dyson Heater?

In no way is it as energy efficient as a gas heater, but for a portable electric one, it does a fair job. The AM09 is marked as an energy-efficient device, which is true as users have reported that it doesn’t dent their wallets too much. However, it’s not the most efficient heater out there, especially since it doesn’t use Halogen or oil in its systems.

No surprises here, the AM09 is our pick!

What Heater Uses The Least Electricity?

Oil based ones use the least electricity.


If you want an energy-efficient heater, you’re making the right choice. You’ll be able to get through the winter comfortably while saving considerably. There are countless heaters on the market, which is why finding one won’t be hard. However, you could feel intimidated by the number of choices. Be sure to check out the Dyson AM09 as it comes with the most features. It’s also pretty efficient, but not as efficient as oil and halogen powered devices.