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Best Dressers & Chest Of Drawers Australia

Will you be moving or renovating your home soon?

Do not stress over finding the ideal furniture piece as we’ve got you covered.

This article will show you places to find the best dressers & chest of drawers in Australia to match whatever interior style – be it boho retro or modern spin – that your heart desires.

Whether you’re looking for staple pieces that will never go out of style a dresser for your kid’s bedroom or a unique piece like a rattan dresser our roundup will guide you to vendors offering quality pieces that are worth every penny.

But just how do you determine what’s the best dressers and chest of drawers especially when you’re on a budget?

Best Dressers & Chest Of Drawers Australia

Best Dresser Options

Choosy with your bedroom furniture? Consider Mocka’s Jesse six drawer dresser a budget-friendly yet quality piece exhibiting the classic Scandi-look.

Its sturdy legs are a testament to its incredible quality.

Another option is the Eloise dresser from Interior Secrets. This unique piece reminiscent of Hamptons designs retails for $1160.

Definitely a fab buy that’s worth every penny.

For a modern spin we suggest the Rhodes dresser from Freedom. Priced at $999 it’s an innovative mix of large and smaller drawers that will perfectly cater to your storage needs.

Stylish Chest Of Drawers

Adairs has the trendsetting rattan Arden chest of drawers. As a total stunner it comes with extra discounts especially when subscribed to their Linen Lovers loyalty program.

If you’re looking for a solid timber piece then Snooze’s Denmark chest is perfect. Made from solid ash timber and ash veneer this has six drawers and retails at $1599.

Finally there’s the versatile and never-go-out-of-style Clover six drawer chest from Early Settler. It showcases a country-classic style and comes with member-only discounts via their rewards program.

Also Ethnicraft’s high end oak nordic chest of drawers is available at $2525.

Affordable Dresser Choices

If you’re on a budget but in need of a timeless and practical dresser there are numerous options on the market. To commence with the Jesse six drawer dresser from Australia’s very own Mocka is a steal.

Possessing a classic Scandi-look and sturdy legs this unique piece is an affordable solution to your storage needs.

Interior Secrets’ Eloise Dresser

Another covetable option is the Eloise dresser from Interior Secrets. This classic design available for $1160 provides incredible quality without breaking the bank.

The dresser puts a modern spin on retro designs ensuring it will never-go-out-of-style.

Freedom’s Rhodes Dresser

Freedom offers the modern Rhodes dresser a fab buy at $999. The dresser combines large and smaller drawers allowing you to manage your storage efficiently.

Trendy Rattan Chest Of Drawers

For those seeking to jump on the furniture trend of rattan Adairs has the perfect solution. The Arden chest of drawers takes the current boho style adding a modern unique flair to any bedroom furniture.

Plus further discounts are available via their Linen Lovers loyalty program.

Early Settler’s Clover Chest of Drawers

If you’re drawn to country-classic style then the Clover six drawer chest from Early Settler might be right up your alley. Members have the added benefits of exclusive discounts through their rewards program making this solid timber piece a total stunner and a low cost gem.

Snooze’s Denmark Chest

Snooze offers the Denmark chest of drawers a sturdy piece with plenty of storage made from solid ash timber and ash veneer. Priced at $1599 it could be worth every penny.

Classic Dresser Styles

Classic dresser styles are never-go-out-of-style essentials in bedroom furniture. They are painstakingly fashioned with time-honoured methods and often characterized by their hardwood composition.

A classic dresser like the Eloise dresser offered by Interior Secrets is a notable example. This unique piece evokes a nostalgic sense of aesthetics offering a modern spin on the traditional classic style.

The dresser includes ample storage with six drawers crafted from solid ash timber and ash veneer.

Meanwhile at Mocka you can find the Jesse six drawer dresser— its classy Scandi-look makes it a choice pick for those on a budget who still crave a quality piece.

Country-Classic Drawer Chests

Country Classic style is characterized by its rustic charm and warmth. These dresser types often feature quality timber and hand-finished detailing.

The Clover six drawer chest from Early Settler for example showcases the country-classic style. With member-only discounts available through their rewards program shoppers can snag this classic unique piece at a lower cost.

Budget options also exist such as the Freedom Rhodes dresser. It offers a combination of large and smaller drawers and a modern flare to the country-classic style.

Worth every penny it delivers on both style and storage.

High-end lovers can choose from expensive options like the Ethnicraft oak Nordic chest of drawers an incredible quality piece that truly reflects the country-classic style.

Modern And Spacious Dressers

Updating your bedroom furniture? Take a look at the Eloise dresser from Interior Secrets a total stunner in the world of dressers and chest of drawers.

With a modern spin on a classic design this unique piece offers ample storage.

For a combination of large and smaller drawers Freedom’s Rhodes dresser is a fab buy. It has a timeless appeal that is ready to give any room a modern update.

Are you a fan of Scandi-look? Check out Mocka’s Jesse six drawer dresser.

This budget-friendly piece of bedroom furniture made from solid ash timber and ash veneer offers the perfect mix of style and function with its six drawers.

For a country-classic style look no further than the Clover six drawer chest from Early Settler. Member-only discounts make this piece worth every penny ensuring you get quality furniture at a low cost.

Want a unique piece of furniture? Ethnicraft’s oak nordic chest of drawers will not disappoint you.

It might be more expensive but its incredible quality will make it a long-lasting cornerstone of your bedroom’s interior style.

Check out the trendy rattan Arden chest of drawers from Adairs. Avail further discounts with Linen Lovers loyalty program and secure this stylish piece at a reduced price.

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