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Best Buffets Australia

Calling all foodies!

If your idea of gourmet heaven is sampling dishes from around the world you’ll fall in love with Australia’s diverse culinary scene.

The best buffets Australia has to offer provide an extraordinary array of meals mirroring the country’s vast multicultural landscape.

Treat yourself to an upscale European style dinner an authentic Asian buffet or relish the taste of Australia’s finest cuisine – all under one roof.

But with so many options to choose from where do you start?

What does the ultimate dining experience look like and where can you find it?

Best Buffets Australia

Best Buffets

The Australian buffet scene is thriving offering an intense fusion of cuisines and unique experiences. From the authentic dishes inside Sydney’s CBD where the Sunday Roast to Table experience costs $138 per adult to the all-you-can-eat luxurious luncheons at Atrium Buffet in Burswood you are covered for every cuisine.

You can also indulge in the hand-crafted cocktails with a beautiful coastline view at Akoya in Surfers Paradise. Furthermore Discover Melbourne’s version of international serenity at Highlands Hotel in Craigieburn which offers a cosmopolitan European-style buffet.


The Sizzler is a top buffet in Australia cherished for its incomparable salad bar and iconic cheese toast. This buffet has a substantial fan base all over Australia.

Whether lunch or dinner Sizzler makes sure its guests can always delight in a variety of salads hot carvery pasta seafood and desserts.

The prolific buffets in Australia take pride in their wide ranging options capable of satisfying even the most insatiable buffet fan. The surge of a new kind of evening in the Australian buffet scene is simply irresistible.

This dining scene is sponsoring all buffet cravings around Australia everyday.


Nestled in the grand Crown Towers in Perth Epicurean is among Australia’s finest cuisine experiences. This buffet is well-known not just for its vast variety but also for the quality of food on offer.

The open kitchen is a spectacle in itself as chefs work meticulously to dish out authentic dishes from all over the world. Whether it’s Asian fare you crave or a hot serving of European style cuisine you’ll find it here.

Features of the buffet that standout are the hot carvery which serves up juicy cuts of meat and the chocolate fountain a hit with the sweet-toothed. Prices range from $36 for breakfast and reach up to $69 for dinner.


Located in Sydney Harvest Buffet is a heavenly spread of an array of cuisines. Whether you’re a fan of Italian pasta or want a taste of vibrant Mexican flavours this place has got it covered.

Here you can savor everything from Fusion dishes to traditional Australian specialties. But what makes Harvest Buffet one-of-a-kind are their thematic offerings giving an exotic touch to your dining experience.

Their breakfast buffet is a feast in itself but it is their Sunday brunch which is the star. A Sunday Roast to Table experience costs $138 per adult here.

Their reservation system is simple. All you need to do is make a request booking and you’ll be treated to a spread that’s sure to satiate your quality dining cravings!


When it comes to vegetarian options no buffet does it better than Govinda’s in Sydney. This popular plant-based Indian buffet has a substantial fan base thanks to its delicious array of authentic dishes.

Experience an Indian Buffet in Sydney

Regardless of one’s dietary preferences visitors unanimously rave about the delightful assortments of curries pakoras salads and desserts available here. With such an enticing spread it is undoubtedly one of the best buffets in Australia.

A Plant-based Delight

Govinda’s is not just about food it is an experience. The soothing vibe combined with the delicious food makes it the perfect stop for a meal at any time of the day – lunch or dinner.

  • Situated in the heart of the Sydney CBD
  • Famous for its plant-based Indian buffet
  • Extensive range of authentic dishes from curries and pakoras to desserts


Located at Crown Melbourne the Conservatory offers an elaborate dining experience for the buffet fan. Think of luxury and variety and you have the Conservatory.

An Extravagant Affair

Known for its afternoon tea dessert buffet the Conservatory is the place to go if you’re craving something sweet. Featuring decadent desserts like raspberry mille feuille the Conservatory is known to satisfy the most intense sweet tooth.

Melbourne’s Finest Dining

This space is a complete panorama of Australian and international cuisine with breakfast lunch dinners and a dedicated dessert section. It’s not just one of the best buffets in Australia it’s a dining experience.

  • Located at the luxurious Crown Perth
  • Known for its extravagant afternoon tea dessert buffet
  • Offers a wide variety of Australian and international cuisine

Eastern Tiger

Located in the heart of Newcastle the Eastern Tiger Restaurant is a key destination for buffet lovers. This establishment offers one of the best buffets Australia has seen.

With a mix of visceral authenticity and a modern twist the Asian buffet experience at Eastern Tiger is unmatched. Known for top tier delight in Asian options their spread is an all-embracing exploration of flavors.

From a live serving bowl experience to the dishes served in a platter direct patrons are spoilt for choice. Coupled with a high Google rating Eastern Tiger serves an immersive curry journey that has regular customers constantly craving for more.

Buffet fans appreciate the intense dining experience offered with a wide variety of authentic dishes and desired fusion options. Eastern Tiger offers buffet dining that goes way beyond typical smorgasbords.

It’s a daily homage to Australia’s finest cuisine from seafood to pizza and pasta. Meeting the needs of both traditional and adventurous food enthusiasts Eastern Tiger Restaurant surely offers an unforgettable buffet experience.

From a delightful crowd-pleasing cheese toast right down to a dessert lover’s dream of a chocolate fountain every cuisine is covered – solidifying Eastern Tiger as a key contender among Australia’s best buffets. This one’s an expert in satisfying both your planned cravings and helping you find new favorites.

No matter what else is on your food agenda or group chat plans in Newcastle the Eastern Tiger Restaurant is always open now and should be marked down in your buffet fan base. Meta Description: Visit Eastern Tiger Restaurant in Newcastle for a buffet fan base treat.

Enjoy a journey of Australia’s finest cuisine in one place.

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