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Are Pods Being Discontinued in Australia?

Pods are a national favorite. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the Mars, Snickers, or the S’mores – these are staple for Australians around the country. Thus, it is very important to know whether or not these treats will be discontinued any time soon.

If you are curious about the answer, then keep reading to find out more:

Are Pods No Longer Available in Australia?

For the current time, Pods continue to be available in Australia – the Australian-owned brand merely discontinued the confectionary treats in New Zealand starting in 2021 but they are still produced and sold in Australia on a national scale and with all the original flavors.

Why Were Pods Discontinued in New Zealand?

It isn’t entirely clear why Pods were discontinued in New Zealand. The General Manager of Mars New Zealand attributed it to changes in manufacturing capability.

This could mean that the cost of manufacturing the treat was becoming too expensive or that the confectionary wasn’t as selling as well as the company hoped. Regardless, it was decided to stop manufacturing immediately, ensuring that no new products were introduced into the market.

In any case, the discontinuation was rather swift. Shortly after the decision was announced, manufacturing of these treats were stopped. Thus, people had to buy up the supplies that were available in stores as no new stocks were coming through.

Is It Likely That Pods Will Be Discontinued in Australia?

At the moment, it doesn’t appear that Pods will be discontinued in Australia. The reports of the discontinuation have been specific to New Zealand. And, if you were to check stores, there is still plenty of stocks available.

Of course, it can be tricky to know whether Pods will be discontinued in Australia as well. For one thing, the New Zealand announcement was rather sudden and the treats were taken off the manufacturing line soon afterward.

Whether or not Pods continue to thrive in Australia does depend on a couple of different factors. As long as the treat remains popular with Australian consumers and sales continue to rise, it is likely that the confectionary will stay on the shelves.

There is a concern about production, however. The Pods must be considered relatively affordable to make in relation to what clients pay for them. Only then will it be manufactured without interruption.

Last, but not least, the global situation must be taken into consideration. This is because many of the ingredients that go into the manufacturing of Pods are exported from other countries. If the export is limited by low stocks or rising prices, then then the manufacturers may rethink their stance on Pods.

As the treats were created in Australia, though, this indicates that it is easier to manufacture them. This could mean that there is a lower risk of them being discontinued here.

Where are Pods Available in Australia?

It does appear that Pods are still available in the same stores as they used to be. You should be able to find them in Coles, Woolworths, and similar supermarkets around the country. You may find these treats in sweet stores as well.

In any case, you should find Pods in online stores. Thus, you can have the treats delivered to you even if you can’t find them elsewhere.

Should You Stock Up on Pods as a Precaution?

If you do love Pods, then it can be tempting to want to stock up on the treat in the event that it is discontinued. However, this doesn’t make too much sense at this point.

For one thing, there is no indication that they will be discontinued in Australia. It does appear that these will be sold in the country for the foreseeable future.

The other reason that you shouldn’t stock up on Pods right now is because they do have an expiration date. Thus, you will be obligated to eat them within that period of time or you will need to throw them away.

Will Pods Be Discontinued in Australia?

Pods are currently available in Australia and it is most likely to continue in this manner unless the manufacturers release a statement saying otherwise – there are stocks available in stores around the country, indicating a proper supply of the treats.

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